Free Mobile Tracker: Making Sure Internet Is Not Dangerous For Your Kids

Free Mobile Tracker Service

How to choose most suitable mobile tracker to track your children’ phones? What features should we pay attention to and is it possible to rally hack WhatsApp?

Reliable spy service to ensure safer online environment

Becoming a spy these days is very easy: all you have to do is create a new personal account, provide password and email, download and install required software on a target phone or tablet. It is important to remember that you actually must have access to the target device to successfully install a cell phone tracker.

Free mobile tracker service is completely compatible with Android, Windows PC, Mac Computer. You shouldn’t try installing it on any other device without consulting a specialist as in this case developer can’t promise the correct running of the spy app if installed at incompatible gadgets. Before downloading software make sure your target cell matches the requirements.

Customer support service and compatibility

Every client will be happy to find user-friendly FAQ section at the website that is very easy to use due to the convenient interface. This section will answer all possible common questions, solve occurred problems; that usually take place during registering, downloading or installing. This section also provides access to other useful materials as installation guides, spying tips and tricks, removal instructions and other important articles that beginners and proficient users might find useful.

Pricing and refund policy

Prices are surprisingly affordable, and the number of features is vast. All you have to do is choose the package of services according to your requirements: for personal usage, for family and business. It is possible to pay for one month or 3 but it is wiser to pay for a year as in this case you are saving up to 60% per device, so, according to your needs you can select the most suitable package and enjoy free trial version for seven days. The refund policy is also possible for every user. It is necessary to contact the support team and claim money back within seven days.

Monitoring features

Installing cell phone spy app from website gives you a chance tracking your person of interest without being noticed. This app will allow you to have access to the following information kept on the device:

  • Access to social networks, list of friends, messages;
  • Sent, Inbox and deleted text messages, MMS;
  • Call logs, duration, every conversation will be recorded and send to your account;
  • Emails;
  • GPS location of the target phone;
  • You can monitor every newly downloaded app;
  • Files from gallery received or downloaded pictures and videos;
  • Contact list details, calendar events, reminders, etc.
  • It is also very easy monitoring your kids’ WhatsApp chats and more:
  • WhatsApp, spy, operates in the background in a stealth mode even on an unrooted device;
  • Monitoring app able recording records all calls, shows its duration along with contact details;
  • Now you can easily determine location of the target device;
  • Every message, video, picture, and audio file are being tracked, and data will be sent to your account;
  • Even if your children or colleagues using more than one device, it is not a problem as it is possible tracking up to 5 devices simultaneously;
  • If SIM card had been changed – you will receive a notification;
  • WhatsApp Spy provides access to front camera as well to make shots;
  • Tracks Internet browsing history, logs bookmarks and allows blocking pages with adult content;
  • Skype chats and video conversations are recorded as well as shared files and created groups;

Without any questions, these benefits will convince anyone to use phone tracker on a daily basis.

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