Hospitality Businesses That Should Have a Dedicated Contact Center

Hospitality Businesses That Should Have a Dedicated Contact Center

The hospitality industry is all about providing customers convenience and a good overall experience. This is why companies in this sector must do everything they can to ensure a high quality of customer service.

This also includes investing on a good third-party hospitality contact center. How do common businesses in the industry benefit from hiring a dedicated contact center? Let’s take a quick look to find out.


The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to hospitality industry are hotels. Many hotels have to deal with a large volume of calls from customers who want to make reservations, especially during peak seasons. Without a dedicated contact center, customers have to wait for much longer during calls, which in itself can cause them to feel frustrated and just look for another hotel that can accommodate them.


Similar to hotels, resorts have to deal with a lot of reservations, but they do experience a large difference in terms of customer volumes at different times of the year. For example, a beach resort needs more equipment and personnel to handle calls during summer, but those would seem like a waste during off-season when call volume is significantly lower. This isn’t a problem with dedicated contact centers that can increase or decrease the amount of resources necessary to handle the ever-changing call volumes.


Time is of the essence when it comes to airlines, especially when ticket reservations, inquiries, and cancellations are involved. That means customers are less likely to call if they know they’ll have to spend a long time just trying to get in touch with the airline company. A dedicated contact center also makes it easier for customers from other areas – even overseas – to get in touch with their airlines. Last but not least, a dedicated contact center that has multilingual agents opens up an airline’s customer base to non-English speakers.

Travel Agencies

Travel agencies need constant connections with airlines, resorts, and hotels, as well as keeping an open line for the endless stream of customers inquiring about ticket rates and tour packages. Because of this, information relayed from one associate to another (example: details on hotel reservation) can be relayed incorrectly without a proper way to keep track of the detailed info. A dedicated contact center can have the information properly recorded and relayed to make sure all arrangements are made according to the customer’s preferences.

Rental Company

Aside from the usual reservations and inquiries, car rental companies have to deal with the fact that customers may be calling from anywhere since they may be tourists from overseas or simply locals looking for a temporary ride. They also need the means to get in touch with their customers in case a car is due to be returned. This can’t be done without the help of a dedicated contact center to handle inbound calls for inquiries and reservations, as well as outbound calls for notifying customers currently renting their cars.

Businesses in the hospitality industry do share some similarities when it comes to the need for better communication, but they also have unique needs that a standard contact center can’t provide. This makes dedicated contact centers a vital part of being successful in the industry.

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