Phone Scams You Should Know About

Phone Scams You Should Know About

Scam calls are becoming more common than you would like to believe. Scam calls have come to the level where they have become real menaces and causing a wide array of troubles for the general public. Stealing money, looting you of your identity, hacking your internet accessing devices and other such activities are all being executed by scammers to a level, where it has become impossible to ignore any such activity. This is where it becomes imperative on our part to learn a thing or two about these phone scams, in order to prevent ourselves, when faced with such scam calls.

Things about Scams you need to be enlightened about:

Enlightening yourself with some of the tricks mobile phone scammers use to scam you is important in this stage of time. Some of the most common and plaguing tricks today are-

  1. Computer Scams

Computer scams are one of the most common scams in the market. Here, a person will call you, claiming him to be an executive or an official of an IT company. He will thereafter inform you about an unknown virus affecting your computer and convince you to pay them for an upgrade to your antivirus. What they will actually do is update your computer with a spyware that will expose all your personal and banking details to them and put you in front of extreme threat from these scammers. Now that you know this, make sure you respond to no such unsolicited phone calls for antivirus upgrades

  1. Calls for Compensation

These calls are made to you be scammers posing as employees from companies offering you a compensation for different things. These might include calls in favour of compensating you for car accidents, compensating you in return of any kind of insurance, or just offering you with Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). Whatever be the case, it is important to check the genuineness of the call before you offer them any kind of your personal details or banking details.

  1. Investment and Pension Calls

There is at least one call a week you receive about an unmissable opportunity to invest in one of the best investment schemes in your life. These investment schemes are often infused with the hope of lucrative returns after a short compass of time or brilliant pension deals. Stay away from them. If you would like to invest in a proper, legitimate scheme, go to a noticeable financial institution or investor and get firsthand information on these schemes. Save yourself from scams and save your finances.

  1. Banking Scams

One of the most common scams amongst all the ones listed above is a Banking scam. A person will randomly call you, informing you about a problem regarding your debit/credit card or your bank account. In the following minute, he will enquire you about your account number, pin details, cvv codes, etc. They may scare you with the idea of threat which may cause you to lose all your money and hence advice you to transfer it to a ‘Safe Account’. Please do not step into this trap. No financial institution asks for your banking and card details over a telephonic conversation.

Other more common scamming tricks include number spoofing and anti-scam scams. Be more aware and save yourself from falling into these money draining traps that cost up to £100 million every year.

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