The Secrets Behind Your Signature

The Secrets Behind Your Signature

Let’s do a quick game. Take a sheet of paper and put your signature on it! Ready? Now let’s see what that signature can tell about you based on a large number of studies by graphologists (those folks who spend their time analyzing handwritings)!

  1. First name or last name?

Your first name is connected to your private self, while your last name is connected to your public self. If your signature includes your name in full, it implies that you have positive memories from your childhood, and your private life is the most significant one for you. If you include the surname in full while the name comes as an initial only, then your public self may be more prominent for you. And if both are either in initials or included fully, then you’re the “balanced” type. A fine example of this is Bill Gates’ signature.

  1. Large letters or small letters?

The size of your signature matters, too! If the signature is large, it usually implies that you are rather self-confident. However, if it is too large and bold, it may mean that its owner is posing some signs of arrogance!

Now, what about a small signature? Similarly, it implies that the person is shy and may lack self-confidence.

  1. Ascending or descending?

Signatures usually have the tendency to be either ascending or descending. If your signature is rising, it may imply that you are an optimist with a sense of ambition. These people usually handle all stress in life with a positive attitude. A descending signature, on the other hand, may mean that its owner is going through a hard period in life or is a pessimist by nature.

And what about a stable signature? The owners of those are usually well-balanced realists who tend to be happy with their lives.

  1. Clear or hard to read?

People with easy-to-read signatures are usually open, extraverted and straightforward. They like to have their limits set clear and they enjoy transparency in all aspects of life. If your signature is hard to read, it may mean that you are more secretive and introverted. You may enjoy more complicated relationships and social situations!

  1. Wide or narrow?

This one’s epic: a wide signature usually implies that you are generous and very open-minded. A narrow signature, on the other hand, may show that you are more conservative, and, alas, stingy!

As online signatures take over those we left on papers, it is becoming harder to investigate them. It’s the same thing with handwritten stuff: in the past, people used to write lots of papers, essays and letters, and investigating just one of them could give lots of information. Today, writing is replaced by typing; there are even lots of writing services that help you out by providing researches, essays and dissertations, so many secrets of the personality are hidden away!

Did we manage to guess some important aspects of your personality? Let us know in the comments section. Also, remember that many people change their signatures a couple of times during their lives, so the way you change and evolve may as well be reflected on your signature!




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