Starting Your Own Recruitment Company

Starting Your Own Recruitment Company

The recruitment industry has never been better, there are a number of agencies out there that are going from strength to strength. So, perhaps the time has never been better to take the plunge towards a recruitment start-up?

If you have experience in recruitment and think that it is time to go it alone, then we have put together our top tips for your recruitment company. For a more in depth guide check out the one put together by Simplicity in Business.

Build up your brand

The recruitment industry is a competitive one, which means that in order to be a success you are going to need to bring in the clients. The first stepping stone in achieving this is building an amazing brand.

Branding is the biggest thing to set you apart from your competitors and it is a representation of everything that your brand is and can be. So, make sure that you focus on this all-important factor of your recruitment start-up.

Fund your dream

Any business is going to need financial backing in order to be a success. This could be your own money, put away whilst you are in paid employment or perhaps funding that is available through other routes.

There are number of schemes out there designed to help people find their recruitment start-ups, giving them the backing they need to succeed. Research which ones are going to be best for you.

Know the legalities

If you are already working in recruitment, then there is a chance that you may face legal constraints if you set up on your own. The majority of recruitment companies will place agreements on their employees stating that they cannot contact any IP or clients from them. This means that the first few months of setting up can be a lonely one.

But try to bear with it, give it time and you will find your own clients, and knowing that you got them off of your own back will feel even sweeter.

Budget your life

Even if you get financial backing, things can be tough when you first set up your business. That means that you are going to have to learn to live a little more frugally and budget. This means cutting back on some of the luxuries that you are currently enjoying and making sure that you watch what you are spending.

Don’t worry, it won’t be forever

With some hard work, dedication and patience, you will soon find that your recruitment start-up becomes a fully-fledged recruitment business. You can look back on those early days and take great pride in all the things that you achieved and how you managed to build your very own recruitment agency from the bare bones to a resounding success!

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