Sudoku Review: The Gameplay You Won’t Forget

Sudoku Review: The Gameplay You Won’t Forget

The Free Sudoku offered by Cardgames Studio is all the rage when it comes to puzzle games.  This game offers logic puzzles that are designed to challenge players’ mind and intrigue the fancy of a gamer who just wants to win at all costs. Moreover, it works for Mathematics students to better deal with their number phobia.

Sudoku puzzles rocketed to popularity after they were introduced in book forms many years ago. Today, their online versions are out and found to be more popular. A number of people enjoy solving these types of puzzles in their free time at home or during breaks at work. Furthermore, there are many people who want to play the Free Sudoku to train their mind for numbers.

The Free Sudoku app has lots of squares and is set up on a grid. The puzzle game is all about numbers that challenge your mentality while still managing to offer fun and leisure like any other game. The game has three stages to solve number puzzles which range from the easiest to very difficult. The layout and design of the game are quite impressive and show a better picture than the Sudoku games in hard copy format. Several squares on the grid have been already filled in for you when you start the game so that you get the right technique to solve the puzzle.

The game was updated on August, 24, 2016 and is currently available in a very light version. It offers quick downloads that prevents you from waiting long for a game. The app includes various features including clear notes and auto save. Moreover, it also allows you to check errors after you have attempted a puzzle. Its auto-fill feature allows you to see how the numbers are placed in their right place in the grid. You can also shut this feature if required.

The app has a successful download rate so far. However, “ads pop up” is the only thing that has irritated a number of users while playing the game as it causes huge distraction in such a game requiring great concentration.

There is no need to have preparation to solve these puzzles as the game just wants you to have the basic knowledge of how to arrange the numbers in their proper placement. If you are ready to try this amazing game and believe that you can take the challenge to solve number puzzles for yourself, the Free Sudoku is just the perfect.

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