The Word Search Puzzle Review

The Word Search Puzzle Review

Word searching puzzles have been around for last couple of years. They are a great source of learning and leisure. Potato Game Studio has released a similar type of app known as The Word Search Puzzle for your android devices which aims at offering you a perfect mix of learning and fun through a very simple game.

Available on Google Play, this game contains words in a range of letters arranged in a grid for players to identify them. The game is equally useful for both adults and children with the objective of finding words hidden in the array.

Alike other word puzzles games, Word Search also shows a net where words are placed in all directions such as horizontal or vertical, backward and diagonal. The placement of words in various directions often become quite difficult for players who love to  take it as a challenge and search for the words with more curiosity.

Each game in the word search puzzle is set to complete a word seek stage within a limited time. It has three playing options – easy, medium and hard. These options range in difficulty from easiest to almost unsolvable.  These options are basically the levels to check your aptitude for identifying the words in an array of words that are arranged in a grid on your device screen.

However, like any other word seek games, the word search puzzle by Potato Game Studio is a game that both adults and kids alike attempt to complete every time. Besides learning new words, the game can be played at a user’s leisure if used as a form of entertainment.

You don’t need any strategy or preparation to play this game. Many people like to play it on breaks at workplace, during long journeys or while waiting for their partner on a meeting.

To download the game, you need to have a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet with Android 3.0 or higher version. The word search puzzle was last updated last year in October and its popularity is verified with a huge number of downloads reaching up to 500,000 up till now.

The Word Search Puzzle has everything to offer for those who like to take advantage of an app with useful elements of both learning and entertainment. However, it becomes quite upsetting and irritating for most users when they are stuck with too many ads popping up when they’re playing the game.

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