3 Ways You Can Work On Your Small Business While Stuck In Traffic

3 Ways You Can Work On Your Small Business While Stuck In Traffic

If you’re a business owner, you know how important maximizing your time can be for the success of your company. Similar to human babies, companies in their infancy need constant attention and care in order for them to grow into the type of business you’ve dreamed of. So for those of you who wish there were more hours in the day so you could take full advantage of all the time available to you for working on your business, here are three ways you can continue working on your business even while you’re stuck in traffic.

Write Out Your Plans

Small business owners often wear many hats at the same time. While this can be financially beneficial if you don’t have to hire multiple employees, this also makes it a lot easier for things to slip through the cracks. For this reason, one of the best things you can do for your business while sitting in traffic is to write out the plans, lists or ideas you have for your business. Rather than typing these out on your phone, tablet or laptop, Armando O. Bartolome, a contributor to ABS CBN News, recommends using an old fashioned notebook and pen or pencil to avoid getting sidetracked by apps or emails you could be getting into on your devices. This will also help to ensure you don’t become a distracted driver once traffic starts picking up.

Consume Business-Related Media

Whether you’re driving your own car or taking public transportation into work, you can spend that time growing your knowledge of your industry and of business in general if you only have the desire to do so. Laurel Staples, a contributor to ProCoach.com, shares that there are thousands of great audiobooks, podcasts, TEDtalks, and even business courses you can take advantage of all while just sitting on your way to work. Even if you just have a short commute, you can take those few minutes to get you in the business mindset and maybe even spark some great ideas for your company’s future.

Practice For Big Meetings or Presentations

This idea may be more plausible for those of you who commute to work solo, but taking that quiet time alone could give you the exact environment you need to practice for a big meeting or presentation you have coming up. According to Larry Kim, a contributor to Inc.com, the more you’re able to practice out loud for a presentation or meeting in a variety of different environments, the more prepared you’ll feel when the big day comes. This can also help you to feel less stressed or nervous because you’ve already familiarized yourself with talking out loud about the topics you plan to discuss.

With just the time you have between home and work, you could make some major headway toward moving your business forward. Use some of the tips mentioned above to do just that.

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