4 Marketing Essentials for Startups

4 Marketing Essentials for Startups

The success of any startup business depends on a number of different factors and your marketing strategy in particular is one of great importance. Your marketing approach will define whether your customers can find you and how well you can attract your target audience through your marketing content.

Whilst marketing approaches will vary from industry to industry, there are a few elements that will form the marketing framework for most businesses:

Website – A professional website with a good Search Engine Optimisation strategy will ensure that potential customers can find your business online. More and more consumers will now go to Google to find the services they require to do some research of a product, so a website is essential for any business.

The type of web hosting plan that you require will depend on the features that you need. Smaller businesses looking to keep costs at a minimum will often opt for a shared hosting plan and larger businesses that will require large amounts of data storage and bandwidth may prefer to go for a dedicated hosting option at a higher cost. Find out more about hosting options at planethippo.co.uk.

Email Marketing – The way that emails are used in marketing has progressed significantly in recent years. When email marketing was first introduced, marketers tended to write generic emails and send them to as big a list of people that they could (known as email blasting). Since then, research has shown that taking a more personalised and targeted approach is more successful.

Marketers now spend a lot more time collating data so that they can create segmented email lists and send out emails with more personalised content as this produces a higher click through success.

Social media – The use of social media is a fantastic way of growing awareness of your brand. By developing an understanding of your target audience and the best way to connect with them, you can build a very successful social media strategy.

Most social media accounts are free, so you can easily set up accounts on multiple platforms. The number of people that use Facebook for business has grown significantly, whereas it was previously regarded as a platform purely for social interaction. Building a business page is a quick and easy job and you can also use some of the great features that Facebook has built in such as sharing videos.

Research – No marketing plan will work well without some hard work and research. Unless you are a marketing expert then you will need to get some pointers from the experts in the marketing industry. The alternative is creating a marketing plan that has a trial and error element to it. You will waste time working out what doesn’t work well, so use the advice from experts through marketing news websites. This will help you to continually develop your marketing strategy so that it continues to stay relevant and effective. Why spend time working out whether a method is likely to work if research shows that there are more effective ways?


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