4 Outsourcing Services That Will Transform Your New Business

4 Outsourcing Services That Will Transform Your New Business

Starting a new business can be expensive, because there are so many things you will need to buy, such as product inventory, packaging and shipping, trademarks or patents, administrative costs, hardware and software, marketing materials and stationery, not forgetting tax and employee salaries.

So, you might be pleased to learn there is a cheaper alternative to running a start-up business. You might not realist it, but nearly every aspect of your new company could use outsourcing services, which could help you reduce overheads whilst providing a higher quality service to clients or customers. Here are the four best outsourcing services to consider when launching a new company.

A Virtual Receptionist

Many start-up companies do not have the revenue to pay for full-time employees, but someone needs to answer all those customer or client calls that come your way, which is why you should consider hiring a virtual receptionist. A 24-hour live receptionist will answer each call so you never need to miss out on a lead, whilst freeing up your time to focus on honing your business operations.

Global Manufacturing

You don’t need to create a manufacturing plant to create high-quality products for your customers. Many companies across the world now choose to outsource their products to an offshore manufacturing company in Asia, and more businesses are also turning their attentions to affordable services in the United States. While it might not be as affordable as it used to be, outsourced manufacturing services can save a company a significant amount of money, if you find the right deal. Just do your homework and trust your gut.

Many business owners believe outsourcing is a little like cheating the customer, but it isn’t like that at all. Apple is the perfect example, as they do not manufacture their own products, because they are happy to outsource the process to a manufacturing company so they can focus on delivering the next innovative technology device.

Accountancy Outsourcing

You might consider hiring a full-time accountant when starting out, because you might not have a clue how to manage the books or your taxes. However, unless you are an established company with a growing service, you most likely will not need a full-time accountant on staff, especially when you can outsource an accountant who will perform the same job.

Contract Freelancers

Employee salaries can eat away at your finances when launching a new company. Fortunately, you can hire great freelancers to deliver high-quality work, paying them by the job, rather than by the week or month. For example, you could seek a contract web developer who can create a new website that complements your brand and services. You could also hire a freelance writer to deliver high-quality content that reflects the business’s tone of voice.

How much of the company you choose to outsource is your decision; however, the more you outsource, the higher your profit margin might be when starting out. Just ensure you find the best package to suit your business.

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