5 Keys to Protecting Your Business From Fire

5 Keys to Protecting Your Business From Fire

Watching your business go up in flames after so many years of work can be a very big blow. It even gets worse when people get injuries following an accident, and you do not have an insurance cover to pay for the bodily harm. Therefore, you should pay extra attention to prevent any incidences that would cause fire in your business premises leading to massive losses. Below are some of the key ways to prevent fire in business establishments, which will help you in protecting your business as well as avoiding any injuries to your workers.

Installation of Fire Safety Systems

Fire safety gadgets such as fire alarms, extinguishers, and smoke detectors allow quick detection of fire giving ample time to respond to fire before it spreads. The automatic fire alarms are most efficient since they sense fire automatically as compared to the manual ones. You should also install fire suppression systems such as foam system and fire sprinklers.

Fire sprinklers discharge water once they detect fire or rise in temperatures. The sprinklers extinguish fire faster than it would take the fire department. Ensure proper maintenance of the sprinklers to keep their functioning ability high at all times. Do not paint over them or hang anything on the fire sprinklers.

Conduct a Routine Service and Frequent Fire Drills

The best way to train your workers on fire response is by conducting fire drills. The employees should know what to do in the event of an accident thus minimizing the possible accidents. Carry out routine servicing and inspection of fire safety systems to ensure their response ability is right. The runaways and fire exits should always be clear and known to every worker.

Proper Handling of Electric Appliances and Machinery

Encourage your workers to handle any electric appliance with caution since they are mostly the highest causes of fire accidents. Unplug the gadgets and switch off the sockets when not in use. You should always use properly grounded and insulated power strips as well as get rid of old and broken machines.

Pay Extra Care while Handling and Storing the Flammable Products

Flammable substances spread fire very fast hence the need to give extra attention while storing them. Avoid storing gas and fuels in boiler rooms or other places that produce heat.

Protect Your Business

The cause of some fires is not always from the business operation but an external source such as an arsonist. You should consider hiring security guards as well as install security cameras and bright lighting around the premises.


Sometimes fires occur and reduce everything in your business down to ashes. Ensure that you have proper protection against fire in your insurance policy to mitigate losses. Some fires happen out of negligence and should be avoided at all costs.

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