8 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

8 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Careful planning is essential to pulling off a successful trade show booth. While trade shows offer a captive targeted audience, they also are filled with rows of your competitors. There are things that you can do to make sure that your booth attracts more customers than your competitors’ booths do. Here are 8 tips for attracting buyers to your booth.

  1. Booth Location: As with any business, “location, location, location” is one of the most important things. Most trade shows have prime booth locations and they sell out first, so be sure to book early. In some cases you need to research where the best spots are. To do this, look at the floor plans and consider things from the buyers’ perspective and take into consideration popular spots like the entrance, the restrooms, and the cafeteria.
  2. Make Your Booth Attractive: Buyers are attracted to professional looking booths. Use bright colours and a unique, modern design. Make sure that shoppers will want to stop rather than just walk by, Make sure that your messaging is clear, quick, and to the point and that it can be seen and read from every direction. Lighting is key as well as other state of the art tech utilised in your booth.
  3. Make Your Booth Approachable: Trade show attendees have to feel welcomed in order to want to stop in your booth. Make sure that your sales staff is easily identifiable and ready to help. Try to have something for everyone. Some people are more visual and want to see the information about your booth, some are more shy and want to be able to have access to reading materials, while others will just want to come talk directly to someone that is knowledgeable. The thing that is vital is that all of your booth employees are well trained and can accurately answer any questions.
  4. Consider a Booth Host: You might think that having a “booth babe” is cliche, however a model or any other type of host can definitely help the dynamic of your booth. There is a reason that this practice exists and that is because it works. It isn’t necessarily because it is a model, but anyone can draw attention to your booth if it works with your brand. That can be a model, singer, magician, or other type of entertainer. If you booth is very busy, your entertainer can act as an extra person to keep their attention and possibly answer some easy questions while the sales staff is busy.
  5. Offer Show Specials: Let everyone who comes into your booth know about the show specials you are offering. This adds a sense of urgency to their order because in order to get the discount, they have to place an order at the show. This gives them a very good incentive to place their order fast. Post your show special and make sure that it is very clear and easily understood.
  6. Contests and Prize Drawings: Everyone likes to win something so running a contest or having a prize drawing is a great way to attract people to your booth. It is also a way that you can collect the contact information of potential customers to continue to market to after the trade show is over.
  7. Social Media: Social media is a very important part of promoting your booth. It is a great way to engage with people and get word of mouth going and help bring people to your booth that might have otherwise not even passed by. You can run special offers through your social media channels which can help you get more shares, followers, and sales.
  8. Promotional Products. Last, but not least is offering promotional products. These types of branded merchandise go hand-in-hand with trade shows. Attendees almost expect to be able to collect promotional products and other free giveaways. There are keys to making sure that you aren’t giving something away that won’t pay off. The three keys are making sure that the giveaway is relevant to your brand, is useful to the recipient, and represents your company well.

When you get the promotional product right, they will do the job of helping with your branding, increasing sales, and will be kept for a long time. Some of the most popular promotional products we sell at Gopromotional.co.uk  include pens, bags, notepads, mugs, calendars, and electronic gadgets. Those are all good generic promotional product suggestions that work for any type of business and we see companies have a great deal of success with them; but if you can find a specialized branded product that matched your company’s philosophy or style, then it will be even more effective. These type of promotional products can be geared towards the theme or type of company you have that is unique to you.

Whether it is recycling related, a green product, a safety product, or maybe something like sunscreen for a dermatologist. When you can find a promotional product that is very unique to your business, it can be even more effective because it is memorable as well as the other important keys for promotional products. .

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