How to Protect Your Company Data

How to Protect Your Company Data

You might not realize it, but your company’s biggest asset could be your data, from your competitor analysis to your financial databases. It is therefore vital for a business owner to protect company data or recover it should it become lost or compromised. We are therefore providing some top tips to help you care for your data.

Know What to Protect

All data will be valuable to your company, but some information will be more important than others. For example, every business has a legal responsibility to protect their customers and employees’ personal and financial information, such as their account records, contact details, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more. You will also want to fiercely protect your private business information, such as trade secrets, contracts and financial records. Losing any of the above is bound to cause a business owner many sleepless nights, because you could face legal consequences or risk the information falling into the wrong hands. You must therefore protect the data at all costs, knowing exactly where it is stored, who has access to the information and how it is shared with others.

A Backup Plan

Cybercrime is unfortunately a real threat to your company. The National Cyber Study Alliance discovered that 60% of small to medium sized businesses surveyed went out of business after six months of an attack. Why? Because they didn’t have the vital data to earn back their place in the industry. It is therefore essential you look for an effective backup service to ensure your data is protected, so your business does not suffer the same fate.

However, it is not just cybercrime that poses a significant threat to your data, because your data could be damaged following a power outage, fire, flood or another natural disaster. You should therefore contact secure data recovery professionals who can provide a robust backup and recovery solution, so you know your data is continually protected.

The Human Risk

As you know, data protection is an important part of a company’s operations; however, the biggest risk affecting your data could be your employees, because they can often threaten its security. The data breach could be due to ignorance, malicious intent or human error. You must therefore only share data with individuals you completely trust, and you should also conduct data protection training so people can learn about the dangers of file sharing and Bluetooth.

Monitor Data Locations

Your data will grow alongside your company, so it is vital for a business to know exactly where information is stored and are aware of every individual who has access to the data. You should therefore regularly conduct a company audit, so you can ensure all systems are up-to-date and to identify if you need to install a data loss prevention tool.

Data can determine whether your company grows or grinds to a complete halt. So, if you want to make your business a success, look for ways to protect your data to avoid a loss of information or a security breach.

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