How to Improve Your Small Business’ Security

How to Improve Your Small Business' Security

Many small businesses are affected by theft because proper security procedures aren’t implemented to prevent shoplifting in high risk areas. Although security equipment can deter criminal acts in a typical retail store, other steps must be taken to eliminate security issues in key locations. Here are some of the best ways to protect your merchandise and your business from theft.

Follow Strategic Store Routines

Potential shoplifters will less likely try to steal items in a store that has an attentive staff. This is why you should greet everyone who steps into your store. If you have a busy schedule, let your employees handle this task because constant monitoring can drive shoplifters off the property. Anyone who continuously walks around your store in a suspicious manner should be examined with caution since this is a behavior pattern of a shoplifter. In order to detect shoplifters efficiently, your employees must:

  • Scan vulnerable spots
  • Walk down every aisle
  • Monitor consumers who roam along walls

Make sure your training is done effectively and so every person knows the correct way to do their job. If possible, make sure each employee has name tags to identify them apart from customers easier.

Organize Everything

When a store isn’t organized, the chances of theft increase dramatically. Clutter affect a store’s level of security because shoplifters always use a disorganized space to their advantage. Basically, when inventory is scattered everywhere, a shoplifter will know that no one is paying attention. This is why the most strategic shoplifters target stores that are dirty and unorganized. To solve this problem, you must keep your store tidy by investing in displays that are low to the ground. If a display will be placed in the corner of the store, install adequate lighting to eliminate shadows that can conceal criminal acts.

If you sell very expensive products that can easily fit in a shoplifter’s pockets, you should stock these items in the front of your store. Many store owners keep highly valuable products next to the cash registers, but you can place your items in any highly visible area if space is limited.

Network with Other Store Owners

In many communities, most shoplifters try to steal products from a variety of stores, so you might be able to stop these acts by working with other entrepreneurs in your local area. If possible, schedule a day and time so everyone can have discussions about events that were witnessed during business hours. The information that’s shared during these discussions could help everyone catch shoplifters who steal items strategically.

If all your employees work hard, you’ll spend less time worrying about shoplifters. Network with other businesses and be vigilant in how you stop theft and vet customers.


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