How Managed IT Services Can Be Great Help for Your Organization

How Managed IT Services Can Be Great Help for Your Organization

Technology is changing at an incredible pace, and it just isn’t feasible for every single person to be able to keep up with the innovation. In fact, it can be counterproductive for everyone to try to keep pace. Everyone needs to have their specialty, and that’s why companies have IT departments. However, the recent trend is to outsource that IT work to an outside company.

And it’s becoming more and more popular.

According to business giant Deloitte, around 31% of all IT services have been outsourced. While that number may seem large, it doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all as more and more companies begin to see the benefits.

While the main benefit of outsourcing IT to managed IT services is usually the money saved, there is another important benefit: a change in perspective. When you send work to an outside company with little knowledge about the inner workings of your company, you get a more unbiased opinion about how to run more efficiently.

Although outsourcing has received a bad name in some circles due to unreliable companies, approximately 89% of companies that outsourced their IT work reported that they were happy with the work that they received.

So, what’s next?

As outsourcing work can be a bit intimidating at first, agilitynetworks have highlighted the key points to think about in the following infographic.


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