Marketing Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Your Business

Marketing Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Your Business

It goes without saying that growing your business is vital to its success.  Marketing your business is crucial in exposure and professional growth but many businesses make mistakes when it comes to their company’s marketing.  Not seeking out press opportunities, constantly engaging in and updating their social media, or not utilizing SEO strategies are all common mistakes when it comes to marketing your business.

Avoid these 3 marketing mistakes so you can grow your business successfully.

Not Utilizing Press Opportunities

A huge marketing mistake companies can easily make is not seeking out or utilizing press opportunities.  It can be easy to have blinders on when it comes to growing your business.  You want to focus on making high quality products, improving said products and providing an impeccable service that it can be easy to assume that once the word gets out how great your company is, that good press will follow.

Sometimes this is an accurate assessment but it can also take some time.  To get more immediate press, your company can focus on reaching out to press (like bloggers) and offer them free products in exchange for reviews.  Many bloggers make a business at product reviews and have thousands of readers a day. There are always steps to follow for working with bloggers, but not seeking out press like that can be a huge marketing mistake.

Not Utilizing Social Media

Young entrepreneurs know the power of social media, but for someone who is a little older and trying to grow their business, not utilizing social media can be easy to overlook. For businesses, it is important to know how to use social media for marketing. Creating a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for your business as well as constantly following as well as commenting on other potential customers and businesses via social media is a great (and free) way to market your company and grow your business.

Not Utilizing SEO

Having the savvy to incorporate SEO is imperative to growing your business, yet many businesses don’t utilize SEO.  How do most people search out a particular product or service?  They type it into Google and usually click on something that is on that first page of search results.  When a business uses SEO correctly, it can be the best marketing technique to make sure that your company is at the top of those Google search results. If SEO seems foreign to you, there are many beginner guides online or there are many marketing companies who you can hire out that will utilize SEO and other marketing measures.

By avoiding these 3 marketing mistakes, you can utilize marketing opportunities and grow your business steadily.  Seek out bloggers to review your products, let social media be a part of your marketing strategy, and using SEO will help your business grow.

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