Shipsi Deck Review: Reshaping the Logistics Industry

Shipsi Deck Review: Reshaping the Logistics Industry

Shipsi is the next generation platform and marketplace for logistics. From a bicycle delivery in China to self-driving trucks in California, Shipsi is the hub that connects them all. The open, API driven infrastructure and unique hub and spoke logistics model offered by Shipsi gives unparalleled functionality to the logistics market. Leveraging the latest artificial intelligence optimization with support for augmented reality, RFID and IOT, the company has improved efficiency in order of magnitudes compared to other existing solutions.

Delivery exceptions happen all the time and their knock on impact is significant. Empty and partial loads are common and create huge inefficiencies in the market as well as creating significant environmental impact. Man in the middle, the market is still dominated by brokers who can increase the overall costs of transportation by up to 50%. The industry is slow to adopt technology. In today’s connected world, Shipsi is a single platform to manage, control and transact with the entire logistics process that plays well with existing processes and systems.

The company offers international inbuilt support for over 50 languages and direct in country payment support for over 150 countries. Feedback and quality indicators are built into the core of the service. For tracking and monitoring, the company supports GPS, RFID, Q Codes and even more of the latest hi-tech tools. They are working with ODG to provide a simple, yet powerful augmented reality application that can be used in the field.

When shipment exceptions occur, their system can not only handle the knock on effects, but automatically process the cost implications. Consolidation of part and empty shipments is both good for the bottom line and the environment. Shipsi uses Predictive Demand AI, which allows demand levels to be predicted in real time, allowing customers to schedule jobs in a far more efficient way with less planning. This also allows customers to reduce costs on low priority deliveries by providing the option to use excess capacity in your network.

A great advantage of working with Shipsi is that they provide 54 worldwide logistics forwarding locations in a trusted reliable network. They work with TransPay, which allows low cost distribution of funds to over 120 countries. For more information, log on to

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Shipsi is the next generation platform for logistics. From a bicycle delivery in China to self-driving trucks in California, Shipsi connects them all.

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