Top Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right CDN Provider

Top Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right CDN Provider

CDN technology is advantageous for your online operations in a number of ways. However, it is important to choose the right CDN to make the difference and get complete peace of mind for your tasks.

CDNs can be deployed in in-house environment but take up lots of time, resources, efforts and risks. Most businesses prefer to hire CDN specialized companies. In present time, many CDN providers have sprung up advertizing their technology capabilities and different packages which has made it very hard to decide on a specialized CDN provider.

CDN specialized providers have lots of products and services that aim at improving the overall presentation of your web content. Be it streaming media for progressive downloads or speeding up dynamic content, CDN can present it in a more enhanced way. Certain products and tools are offered depending on the size of your website and the type of contents it has along with growth rate. In regard of all aforementioned issues, it’s recommended to consider some factors when deciding on a the most reliable and cheapest CDN company.

Technology:  When choosing a CDN company, make sure that it offers the technology needed by your website’s content. Many top of the line CDNs don’t allow Real Media Streaming for online content. You may also have some content that have particular requirements to be delivered efficiently and your CDN provider must be able to meet them.. In addition, you should know the basics such like code changes, real time reporting, hardware implementation and so forth. Considering the above mentioned factors will help you get the ideal CDN services for your online operations.

Bandwidth concerns: You are usually charged by monthly GB usage provided by your CDN. Therefore, it’s crucial to anticipate your monthly requirements and purchase the most suitable package for your web content. It’s viable approach to use CDN services when you have a lot to deliver every month and you want someone else to deal with all the heavy lifting. A web host with more than 500 GB per month traffic rate is likely to do down pretty fast. Content owners having requirements around this number should choose a CDN in view of that.

Customer Support: Find out if your CDN provides you a helpdesk number with 24/7 call facility. There should be technical staff to help you through the start up phase. You can share similar concerns with them to find out how helpful the company is, and if they have qualified and well-trained staff to fix your problems quickly and proficiently.

Competitive price: Several CDN companies provide similar products and services at different prices. Having the ability to afford the price usually helps you decide on a specific provider. Many CDN companies are pay-as-you-go but the majority of CDN providers offer start-up packages at $700.

Conclusion:  Lots of bells and whistles try to attract you when you are in the market. However, it is very crucial that you focus on your needs and overlooks your wants. It is a must that your CDN provider delivers on its commitment in coming days.

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