10 Most Recommended Employee Gifts: Know What You Are Giving

10 Most Recommended Employee Gifts: Know What You Are Giving

Why should you gift employees? Whether you’re a company owner, CEO or newbie entrepreneur, you should know that gifting your best employees has a very important role. Regardless of their field of activity, workers want to feel appreciated. They want to feel valuable and have a reason to do their jobs in proportion of 100%. If you ignore them, sooner or later they’ll leave. Employee retention is tough to achieve; but if you play your cards right, your company will attain success faster than you had initially anticipated. Here are 10 affordable employee gift ideas to boost engagement and motivation at the workplace.

  1. “Thank you” basket

A “Thank you” basket with all kinds of treats and fruits will instantly draw attention. This form of gift is ideal in many industries, and it can be an excellent performance incentive. Include exclusive treats that average workers don’t usually buy (or can’t afford to buy). They’ll feel that you appreciate their hard work, not to mention that they’ll be more than excited to try them all out.

  1. Starbucks Gift Card

Who doesn’t love Starbucks coffee? It is to die for, and your employees will certainly appreciate the gesture. It may not seem much, but at the end of the day, it’s the gesture that counts the most. A 4-pack gift card doesn’t cost more than $40. Receivers can use it to buy pastries, tea or coffee; Starbucks is famous all around the world for its extended palette of delicious coffee types.

  1. Ballpoint Pen

Pens are conventional business gifts. However, you shouldn’t gift you employees with the cheapest you can find on the market. Look around and shop for a brand pen (Montblanc, for example, is a well-known brand that makes exquisite models), and then spend some time choosing an appropriate design. If you want your gift to be an exclusive one, you can have the pen engraved with the name of the employees; or etch a motivational message to let them know their work is appreciated.

  1. Notebook

You can never go wrong with a notebook. But you have to invest in the best one. The variety available is endless – you can opt for a notebook with a leather cover and super smooth paper. Keep in mind that most workers are on the go; your chosen notebook should also have a pen holder incorporated. Decide on a model that screams originality, and your employees with definitely appreciate the gesture.

  1. Kindle notebook

We’ve mentioned paper notebooks, now it’s time to move on to kindle notebooks. They’ve become extremely popular in the past few years. Average prices for a kindle begin at $50 and can easily get to $200. Most recent models have integrated Wi-Fi, so that the users can easily download his favorite type of e-books and magazines.

  1. Cash

Gifting cash to employees may seem a little overrated. Nonetheless, it’s highly recommended if you can afford to spend. An extra bonus every couple of months will instantly boost confidence, and will let the worker know that he’s doing a great job.

  1. Potted plants

A potted plant is yet another amazing gift idea. There are lots of options you can choose from, although the best plants are those that are seasonal. However, another great idea is a perennial plant that can last for months, sometimes even years. A bonsai tree wrapped nicely will instantly wow your workers. They’re so cute and appealing, and the best thing is that they last for years.

  1. Books

Self-help books and motivational books that inspire people are ideal employee gifts. They’re extremely conveniently priced, and might actually help some of your workers strive harder. Invest in popular best-sellers and check reviews to make sure you’re making a sensible investment.

  1. Custom corporate key rings

A corporate key ring with a fancy engraving or a company logo can have the most striking impact. But if you really want to make employees feel special, you have to think outside the box and choose a model that grabs attention. Silver corporate key rings might seem like the best idea because the material is highly qualitative.

  1. Discount vouchers

All employees will appreciate a voucher that offers them an 80% discount to some of their favorite products, be them gadgets, books, jewelry, etc. It is an excellent way of making your best workers feel special and appreciated.


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