The 5 Biggest Benefits of a Hosted Desktop

The 5 Biggest Benefits of a Hosted Desktop

A hosted desktop, also known as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), is a private cloud-based system that can centralise files and applications in a secure data centre. However, many people are seemingly unaware of the many advantages the centralised solution can bring to their business. We are therefore looking at the five biggest benefits of a hosted desktop.

Data Security

The biggest benefit of a hosted desktop service is, of course, data security. With big data proving to be a company’s biggest asset, with the potential to push a business into the digital age, it is essential to protect a company’s valuable files and information as much as possible.

Cybercrime is unfortunately on the rise, with many hackers using malware or ransomware to target vulnerable businesses. It is therefore worth considering a cloud-based hosted desktop, which will provide secure SSL encryption and impenetrable firewalls.

The level of security will be determined by the hosting provider, so it is important to contact a reputable hosted desktop company, who can also provide an effective antivirus for the business, as well as two-factor authentication for heightened security.

Remote Access

You don’t have to be in the office to access a hosted desktop, because employees can log onto business applications at anytime from anywhere from any device. The DaaS therefore provides a company with greater flexibility, as employees can move locations and hold meeting anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

So, whether you want to access the CRM database, emails, files or data, you can find it all at the touch of a button on your device. So, it is an ideal solution for managers or employees who are required to travel the world on business.


You might employ a team of twenty right now, but that number could grow exponentially in size in a year’s time, so it is important to opt for a secure solution that can grow alongside your company. Hosted desktops are therefore an ideal option because you can scale your IT requirements up and down, as you can increase or reduce your package, applications and storage requirements.


For an affordable monthly fee, your company can benefit from heightened security, scalability and flexibility, with many businesses reportedly saving 70% on IT costs over a three-year period. You also will not need to worry about any hidden surprises, either, because you will pay a fixed fee each month for your chosen package, so you can easily manage your IT outgoings. You can therefore reinvest the money saved back into your company’s operations.

Disaster Recovery & Support

Most cloud providers promise to deliver a 99.99% uptime, ensuring your business can maintain its productivity levels and performance. The secure data centre location will also provide 24-hour support should the worst happen.

What’s more, a reputable provider will feature a secondary data centre, so a business can continue with its daily operations should disaster strike at the primary data centre. You can therefore trust your files, data and applications can be recovered.

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