Can We Hack Nintendo Switch To Play Free Games Of Zelda Mario?

Can We Hack Nintendo Switch To Play Free Games Of Zelda Mario?

As we know, the group of Nintendo will release a new home console that is Nintendo Switch who is originally known in development as the NX. It will be released worldwide on March 3, 2017. This console attracts all the players all over the world. Will this Nintendo Switch be hacked by a flashcart just like Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo New 3DS? Can we play free games of Nintendo Switch?

A list of Nintendo Switch games

Before we search a tool to hack Nintendo Switch, let’s have a look for Nintendo Switch games. I think that there are many games will attract you:

Game title Genre Developer
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Fighting, role-playing game Dimps
Dragon Quest X Role-playing game Square Enix
FIFA 18 Sports Electronic Arts
Fire Emblem Turn-based strategy Intelligent Systems
Just Dance 2017 Rhythm Ubisoft Paris
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Action-adventure Nintendo EPD
Lego Worlds Sandbox Traveller’s Tales
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Kart racing Nintendo EPD
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Role-playing game Monolith Soft
Zombie Vikings Action-adventure Zoink
Sonic Mania Platformer Headcannon PagodaWest Games Tantalus

There are 3DS games title, just like Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles, Dragon Quest X and so on. And all these 3DS games have been hacked by Sky3DS+. That is to say, we can play free 3DS games on Nintendo 3DS / New3DS without problem.

Sky3DS+ for free games

Sky3DS+ is a 3DS flashcart that can help us to play free games on 3DS, it is quite easy to handle. So this card is really popular on the market. So many people want to confirm whether Sky3DS+ will hack Nintendo Switch or not.

In fact, now we are not sure Sky3DS+ will support Nintendo Switch. But Sky3DS+ is a really good choice to hack Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo New3DS. It supports every update of Nintendo 3DS firmware until 11.3.0-36.

There don’t have any news to hack Nintendo Switch, there may be some software can do it, and there may have another new card to hack it. So we just need be patient. Or we can use one Sky3DS+ to hack Nintendo 3DS games. It will be much cheaper than one Nintendo 3DS game card. And one card of Sky3DS+ can play thousands of 3DS games freely. Just like the games of Zelda, Mario and Pokémon.

Where to buy Sky3DS+ card?

For all the American and European players, you can choose Sky3DS+ card on with a cheap price. It is also an official reseller, so it is more reliable. It has also R4 3DS card to play free NDS games on Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, 2DS, and 3DS.

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