Enter the Bubble Universe with Bubble Rescue

Enter the Bubble Universe with Bubble Rescue

The concept of games that involve shooting bubbles has been around for a long time. We have played these games for a long time, but not with the same convenience and the graphics that can now be offered on smartphones. Yes, now you can enjoy Bubble Shooter on your Android smartphone thanks to 3D Games. The game is available on Google Play and you can download it free of cost on your phone and start playing right away. What better way for you to kill some boring time than playing a fun and challenging game like Bubble Shooter game; Bubble Rescue?

As the name indicates, the game revolves around shooting bubbles for the purpose of rescuing trapped animals like sheep. Every time you complete a level, you are saving these little animals. You will find almost 200 levels of bubble blasting, with each getting more challenging as you move up and they keep on adding more for your benefit. There are a horde of props that help in keeping things interesting and fascinating, which include some like Rainbow bubble, color bubble, aiming line, fire bubble, bomb bubble, shield and lots more. They keep you on your toes and you can’t just put the game down.

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The beauty of Bubble Rescue is that it is quite easy to play. All you have to do is tap the screen for shooting the bubbles. But, before you do, make sure you have matched 3 or more bubbles. This means that there should be bubbles of the same color for you to burst them. Try to use as little taps as possible for bursting more and more bubbles as this allows you to pass levels quickly. You will find some stunning maps offered to you and the graphics are downright amazing. They are fresh, bright and colorful, exactly as the nature of the game demands.

While the game might be easy to play, you should remember that it is hard to master and you have to practice a lot to be able to do that. Nonetheless, this keeps things fun and the background music keeps you relaxed and entertained.

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