Five Best Apps for the Chef in You

Five Best Apps for the Chef in You

Many modern people who love to cook have favorite grandmother’s old cookbook full of torn pieces of paper with its invented recipes. In addition, they have a nice collection of cookbooks with recipes from around the world. In modern times, with the extraordinary development of technology, it is more than normal to search all information and even recipes on the Internet, and in recent years on smart phones and tablets. With a large selection of modern and extremely clever applications today, you can search for various recipes. Before you start cooking, nothing is easier than to take your phone and scroll down to favorite cooking applications and find just the perfect one that fits your wishes. Thanks to modern search, you can often adjust the number of different parameters, for example, type of food, the period of making, even the height of the budget, which is often required when preparing food. Using these applications, of course, does not diminish the importance of traditional cookbooks which are transmitted from generation to generation in each family. The aim of these mobile applications is to make work easier to modern chefs by finding the recipe according to their demands. We have selected for you five completely free android apps are very popular on the App Store and the Google Play market.

Five Best Apps for the Chef in You


Yummly is an application with plenty of fantastic images that will conquer you, and make you prepare something delicious. What is firstly offered on this website is a selection of the most popular dishes you will hardly resist. Special advantage of this application is that you can easily explore the most popular dish in your environment. Also, you can check the food that you should or would not eat and these foods will not appear on the recipes in your search. It is interesting that if you have a particular ingredient in the fridge which you do not know what to do with, type it into a search engine in Yummly and it will pull out all the recipes in its database containing that particular item.


Epicurios is a great application that will sort the recipes according to whether is it interesting for children, whether it comes exclusively as a healthy diet, or for example, is it a dish that can be done easily and simply. Also, if you have some ingredients you were not using before and you don’t know how to use those, this interesting and smart application will offer you the perfect recipes for these particular ingredients. Clicking on the recipe, you have the option of placing the ingredients on the shopping list, save recipes among the favorites and you can activate “voice control” during cooking, so you can scroll the recipe with voice commands without touching your screen with stained fingers.

Five Best Apps for the Chef in You

Whole Food

Whole Food application categorizes recipes by daily meals: appetizers, drinks, main dishes, salads, etc. It also has a functional search engine where you can enter certain foods and look for the best recipes. You can create a profile, save it and then prepare all the recipes you want to try. Those recipes will be saved in the history tab of your profile, so you can always check the cooking history. If you choose to prepare just one dish, then after the preparation, you can save your notes about trifles that you might change or add, and it is possible to add your photo of meals so that people can see the real appearance.

Home Chef

This is one of the most popular applications nowadays. Find the recipe which will suit your taste mostly and you may begin. The quality of the recipes and the ingredients and the freshness of the end product are the main features of this application. There are plenty of meals, easiest and hard ones, just check out home chef menu, but you will equally enjoy preparing each of those.

Five Best Apps for the Chef in You


If you are one of those people who like to play in the kitchen, who like to eat well, and who do not hesitate to experiment, AllTheCooks will help you find just right recipe you are looking for. AllTheCooks is a social network for gourmets and chefs, and also the best place in the world to share recipes, tips and personal experiences with them. You can use it without registration, but if you register you have the ability to save your favorite recipes, share your own, comment and everything else.

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