How a GPS Vehicle Tracker Helps a Business Grow

How a GPS Vehicle Tracker Helps a Business Grow

GPS technology has evolved immensely over the past 10 or so years.

From its beginnings at Mapquest, we now have trackers that can pinpoint location to the nearest address.

It’s revolutionized transportation data at the consumer level through Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc. Though many businesses have yet to understand its implications in the private sector.

Transportation companies especially can really benefit from a GPS vehicle tracker. The ability to monitor your fleet at all times is priceless.

Still unsure? Well, that’s what we’re here for. We’re bringing you the basics of how GPS trackers help your business grow.

Improve Driver Behavior

Hiring drivers that care about your vehicles like their own is tough. And even when you have the best fleet around, people make mistakes.

Hitting potholes, taking turns too fast, bumping curbs; you name it and your drivers can be doing it.

This all puts extra stress on your vehicles, leading to increased repair and maintenance costs.

GPS trackers can help solve this from the first day. You can tell a driver’s speed, hours of use, location, idling time, and more.

And if the drivers know you’re watching, they’re much more likely to behave. This can save you money over the long run.

Enhance Customer Support

Customers want to know when their delivery will arrive. You can’t really blame them. They have things to do, too, and need their products.

GPS tracking units allow dispatchers to track and relay the location of your drivers to your customers.

What’s more, some tracking systems let the customers check on driver location themselves.

Customers who know when their product is arriving can streamline their own schedules.

This saves them money, which in turn endears them to your business. Happy customers mean repeat customers, and more money in your pocket.

Optimize Routing

When your drivers take the fastest route to their destination, it saves time, gas, and vehicle wear and tear.

A GPS vehicle tracker can help dispatchers route your drivers in real time based on current traffic conditions.

No more getting stuck in unexpected traffic jams, or caught up in police checkpoints. Tracking units make speed a reality.

You’ll save on fuel costs, and make the customer happier at the same time. It’s a win-win across the board.

Reduce Administrative Tasks

Transport companies deal with a plethora of tedious administrative duties.

You have to track hours, routing data, maintenance schedules, and sometimes even driver sleep data.

GPS tracking units take all this extra work and make it disappear. The units can track this information and relay it back to base for further use.

Automated reports and systems can alert you to maintenance, and automatically track timesheets.

It can reduce the need for a large administrative staff dedicated to reports and data. You could use them for other more important tasks.

Installing GPS units in your trucks will help your business grow. They reduce staff, mitigate costs, and improve the customer experience.

If you’re ready to outfit your fleet with GPS trackers, use this list to get started. Hit these goals and your costs will plummet while your business explodes.

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