Have Lots of Fun with New Bubble Shooter Game: Bubble Games

Have Lots of Fun with New Bubble Shooter Game: Bubble Games

Smartphones have undeniably made a lot of things easier. You can use your phones for shopping, studying and working, regardless of where you are. Another perk you can enjoy is playing a wide array of games on your phone by simply downloading apps. One of the best games you can use for having fun and passing the time in a great way is with Bubble Rescue. The bubble shooting universe is quite addictive and you will not be able to resist playing it over and over again.

Available on Google Play, Bubble Shooter involves you rescuing animals who are trapped by bubbles. You can save the little sheep by shooting matching bubbles of the same color. Three or more bubbles of the same color have to be matched and you have to burst them to release the animals. The game offers you almost 200 bubble blasting levels that keep you entertained. There are no tough techniques you have to master as the game just requires you to aim and tap for shooting bubbles. Once you have tapped all bubbles, you can move onto the next level.

There are some amazing features you will find the game, which include a plethora of amazing props like fire bubble, color bubble and bomb bubble amongst others. The graphics are bright and fresh and work well with the game. You can also take advantage of the fascinating and interesting maps that have been incorporated in the game and the relaxing background music keeps you enthralled for long. Moreover, the game is also challenging as it is not difficult to play, but not easy to master either. You will have to spend quite some time in order to get better at shooting the bubbles in a few taps.

The game is an interesting way to spend some time not just for kids, but also for the adults and elderly. Time will fly when you immerse yourself in this bubble universe and release the lovely animals that have been trapped. Move up the levels and they get tougher to give you more of a challenge and keep things interesting.

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