How Providing General Transcription Services Is Easier Than Other Types

How Providing General Transcription Services Is Easier Than Other Types

Transcription is a term to be used for the process of typing out what has been recorded onto an audio file. Transcriptionists listen to the sentences on the audio tape and write out the dictation in a word processor such as MS Word. Normally, audio tapes or recordings are received in digital format which may contain various types of recordings such as a dictation of a speech, interviews, group discussion, meetings and so forth. The transcriptionist receives the recordings on tape or in digital format.

After completing the transcription process, the files are sent to the transcription company or the client. Usually, a transcriptionist provides the finished transcripts with an email attachment or can upload as a file transfer or using FTP. Moreover, certain files can be stored on external memory devices, USB, CDs and emailed or mailed. In certain cases, some clients may request the transcriptionist to provide a computer printout of the transcript.

There are different types of transcriptions such as medical, legal, general, and business transcription. As names suggest, these types cater to a particular area of business, for example, medical transcription will transcribe medical recordings for the healthcare industry, and needs the transcriptionist to understand medical terminologies in order to be able to perform necessary transcription. On the other hand, business and general transcription will confine the needs of businesses and general public, and includes a large range of organizations, companies and individuals.

Anything that doesn’t come in form of legal or medical can be covered with general and business transcription. It can cover audio recordings of interviews, podcasts, meetings, focus groups, conference calls, and lots more.

When choosing to work as a transcriptionist, general transcription can be easiest type to start with. Here it is how general and business transcription can be advantageous for you to start a transcription work.

  • Transcription brings you great money making potential. Though, just like any business, it may take some time to form a successful transcription service provider, its potential earnings are higher than other home based jobs.
  • There is less competition environment for general transcription than medical or legal transcription.
  • With general transcription, you don’t need to get any specialization or training as it may be required with medical or legal transcriptions.
  • The most important part of starting a home based transcription business is that it doesn’t require you to put up investment or go through any difficult processes. Instead, you can start your transcription services with little amount and low-cost equipments such as transcription software.
  • You don’t need to use any expensive hardware or software to do a transcription job. There is a number of free software available that can help you listen to digital recording, rewind and play it at different speed so that you can perform your transcription work at maximum ease.
  • Using a transcription pedal is not a must. However, doing transcription with pedal enables you to perform the same job up to four times faster.
  • With transcription business, you can enjoy flexible hours of working.

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