Spy Diaries: Nexus 5 Spying is Easy If You Try This Simple Hack

Spy diaries: Nexus 5 Spying is easy, if you try this simple hack

Nexus 5 has been a successful Android device due to its minimalist design, great camera, decent display size and most importantly, Stock Android, that comes with every Nexus device. The aspiring design on Nexus 5 is even tweaked to create Nexus 5X that got released this year along with Nexus 6P.

Even though Nexus 5 is a 4-year-old device, and has been upgraded with Nexus 6, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X in the last three years, it’s still stock Android users favorite device. A 4.96-inch display, powerful processor and a compact size, coupled with affordability is what this smartphone is all about.

But if you are just interested in knowing how you can spy on one of these aforementioned gadgets, you are in luck, because there are different apps out there that you can make use of.

Nexus 5 spying: Why you need an Android spy app

There aren’t any magical codes that you can run and start spying on a smartphone remotely from your computer without even accessing it. You have to make use of a spying app that’s compatible with your android device. This is far by the most convenient way for you to spy on anyone’s cell-phone-related activity.

So to use a spy app, these are a few things you should know:

  • Smartphone monitoring is legal, but spying isn’t. We would advice you to take a person’s consent before monitoring their smartphone.
  • Cell phone monitoring apps aren’t device-specific, i.e. a nexus 5 spying app could be used to spy on other Android devices too. For an app like Xnspy, you can use it on all Android cell phones and tablets running Gingerbread 2.3 or higher.
  • You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on spying. A basic cell phone tracker would suffice too. Most of these expensive apps are nothing but just a scam. There are certain phone logs that maybe enough for you to spy on a person. For instance, you don’t need an app that can remotely take photos off a camera, or one that can do keylogging (unless this is what you need).

So which one is the right app for me?

You can better answer this question by comparing your personal spying needs with the features of an app. But if you need help with that, here are a few important features to consider before buying a spy app (yes, spying apps aren’t free downloads)

  • GPS Tracking: This is an essential feature, but don’t worry, almost every spy app offers location tracking. But still, look for an app that provides real-time tracking, because location history logs aren’t enough. Together with GPS tracking, geo-fencing is another necessary feature.

Spy diaries: Nexus 5 Spying is easy, if you try this simple hack

  • Watchlist Alerts: This is possibly the most important thing that you should look out for in a Nexus 5 spying software, because this feature simplifies the whole spying thing. In the absence of watchlisting, you would never have a timely access to something important. For instance, if you are spying on your child’s cell phone and have added some of his friends’ home address on the watchlist, this will allow you to get instant alerts whenever your child will enter or leave those watchlisted places. An app like XNSPY can even warn you about a possible trespassing so that you can avoid it from happening.

Spy diaries: Nexus 5 Spying is easy, if you try this simple hack

  • Social Media Monitoring: Whether it’s your child, spouse or employee that you are spying on, make sure the app you use has a social media monitoring feature. Look for an app that can monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Skype, Viber, Line and Tinder.

Spy diaries: Nexus 5 Spying is easy, if you try this simple hack

Spy diaries: Nexus 5 Spying is easy, if you try this simple hack

XNSPY: An affordable Nexus 5 spying software

As aforementioned, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on spying someone’s cell phone. A spy app like Xnspy is available for just under $10. It has every essential feature like GPS tracking, watchlisting, social media, and a few other important ones like remote commands (remote lock, screenshot, data wipe and call recording), and app blocking that you can use for monitoring your child’s cell phone. You should give this one a try, if you are on a strict budget.

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