How to Train Staff Ahead of a Hotel Redevelopment

How to Train Staff Ahead of a Hotel Redevelopment

If you plan to keep a hotel open during a renovation project, it is essential to provide your staff with the appropriate information and training, so the company can deliver a consistently high level of customer service. Read our informative advice on how to train employees for a hotel redevelopment.

Keep Staff Updated on the Revamp

Never leave staff members in the dark during any stage of the hotel’s renovation. Not only will this frustrate your employees, but they may not know what to say to a customer when they ask a question about the project, or they may tell them inaccurate information regarding the redevelopment, such as the launch date, noise pollution or future pricing.

The best way to keep the staff informed is either in person or via email, so aim to provide daily updates about the ongoing work throughout the hotel, so there is never a miscommunication.

Brief the Team on Customer Information

While it is important to update the staff on the project, there might be some information you might not want to mention to the guests, so you must brief the team on the information they should provide to visitors.

For example, if a transformation may potentially be subject to delays, you will not want to provide this information to public and cause unnecessary panic for future guests, which they could learn about through social media or online forums. One of the best ways to enjoy a smooth hotel development project is to seek the services of a renovation professional, such as Sajan Hansji.

How to Handle Guest Complaints

While a hotel will want to minimize disruption as much as possible throughout a hotel’s redevelopment, problems can occur that could result in customer complaints. For example, a guest may be kept awake by construction work, or they may damage their clothing on wet paint. Whatever the complaint, you must ensure your staff know exactly how to handle a customer complaint during the ongoing redevelopment.

The last thing you will want is for a guest to leave a bad review ahead of a hotel’s relaunch, so apologise with a free meal at the onsite restaurant, present them with a complimentary bottle of champagne or you could even treat them to a discounted stay following the renovation.

Employee Training

The hotel’s interior might not be the only thing a hotel needs to change to improve the guest experience. A hotel’s biggest asset is its staff, but it can also be its biggest weakness if employees have not received the right training. A positive attitude can often set an accommodation provider apart from their industry rivals, so ensure each employee is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable about the business.

A hotel’s team members can make a hotel renovation appear seamless with the right information and training. So, keep staff up-to-date on the construction work, brief them on customer care and ensure they project the right demeanour to guests at all times.

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