How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S8

How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S8

Mobile phones are generally embedded with traditional service providers once they are manufactured by the companies. They cannot be used in other countries abroad until unless the conventional service provider provides services there. There is a network lock in the latest smart phones. Therefore the phones need to be unlocked by easy methods or by some expert mobile unlocker that charge few bucks. You can unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 by practicing the following ideas given below.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most recent flagship phone from the Samsung mobiles. It has a gorgeous design and has all the features of a great smart phone. Its Octa-core processor is very fast and prompt. Camera quality has no parallel and the overall performance of the phone is unmatchable. Its sleek design can attract anyone from around the world. You should really try out the latest features of this amazing device.

Different ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8

It is not a big issue to unlock your newly bought Samsung Galaxy S8 as there are number of ways available to unlock it. However there is a primary and preferred method is imei method which is also the safest and secure method as well. Below are the different methods to unlock your phone.

IMEI Method

Get the IMEI number of your mobile by simply dialing a specific code that is *#06# from your device. A screen will appear over which the IMEI number will be written. You can simply note it down and convey it to either your service provider or any reliable third party websites like or to get the unlock code for your device. Follow the simple steps to input code and your mobile device will unlocked in a minute.  This is also the most reliable method of doing so.  

Software Method

You should try this method also, first you have to find the correct software for your device to get it unlocked. Then follow the instructions to use the software properly to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8, this may need some complex technical knowledge or expertise. Also keep in mind that you may damage you lost your device if not doing it properly. This is the main drawback of software method. So you can use this method at your own risk.

Pros and Cons Unlocking Mobile Phones

There are many advantages and benefits of unlocking your mobile phone. Once you manage to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8, you can easily use the multiple network services from any region of the country as well from abroad. No matter how far you are from your home or country. Any network service provider of your choice will activate GSM services. You will have the liberty of using any network. Also the resale value of your phone is increased as it is available to more carriers after unlocking.

There are particularly not any cons associated with unlocking your mobile phones in any case.


Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone is not problem if you follow the above mentioned steps and methods. However, using IMEI method is quite a reliable and safest one.

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