Hunting Gadgets That You Need Right Now

Hunting Gadgets That You Need Right Now

We have come a long way from hunting with archaic atlatls and primitive bows and arrows. Technology has made it increasingly easier to track and get our targeted game. Which tools are right for you though? It all depends on your goal, your choice of game and the hunting environment that you are in. Check out some of these best new hunting gadgets and see if they suit you:

1. Deodorizers

When you are out in the field, you can go days without showering and work up quite the sweat tromping around in the woods to get to your blind or tree stand. You don’t want your body odor to reach your game and send them running in the opposite direction. There are now washes that you can use to rid your clothes of any odors by adding it to your wash cycle, which really come in handy if you have pets at home. This latest advance in technology is taking it to another level though. Ozonics has come out with a portable fan that emits molecules to change the scent coming off of you and travelling downwind. This little gadget will make you virtually undetectable with a flick of the “on” button.

2. Rangefinders

There are many different options for improving your optics. These tools allow you to see your target at long distances and contribute to impeccable aim. Rangefinders make sighting your target and adjusting for distance as easy as clicking a button. Rangefinders work by emitting laser beams that bounce off distant objects and return a signal. Rangefinders are equipped with a high-speed clock that measures the time it took once emitted to its return to the unit. The rangefinder’s beam travels at the speed of light to provide the user with time and distance measurements. Aculon rangefinders are making rangefinders smaller and smaller every year so that they can easily fit in your pocket and comfortably in your hand.

3. Wind Detector

Wind can play a large part in hitting your target when shooting long-distance. Thankfully, there are now wind detectors that pick up even the slightest breeze. These hand held devices work to help pinpoint your bullet’s trajectory by reading wind direction and speed. If you’re concerned about the wind carrying your scent in a particular direction, there are other devices that measure air temperature to give you a better idea of where your scent is traveling. For example, the Firefly wind detector takes 512 readings per second and can display a report on an LED screen within three seconds.

4. Bug Repellent

Mosquitoes and flies can be very distracting while hunting. Luckily, keeping them away without an odorous spray is no longer a problem. For example, the ThermaCell warms a repellent-soaked mat and emits molecules to deter biting, annoying bugs. The emission is odorless and you can even get earthy-scented pads to further mask your scent. If you hunt in an area that is heavily-populated by mosquitoes, this may be the best gadget available.

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