WeManage: For All your Housekeeping Needs

WeManage: For All your Housekeeping Needs

We live in a fast-paced world where people don’t have time to do simple household chores as they lead busy lives. As a techie millennial, you have a hectic routine and there is no time in your schedule when you can attend to basic tasks as doing the laundry, cleaning your room or fixing the toilet. When you come home after a tiring day, you just want to relax and not think about anything to do. Therefore, it is the norm to hire a maid service for cleaning your home. But, a maid service cannot fix things like a handyman can. So, you need another service. Likewise, you may also have to hire a laundry service if the maid service only offers cleaning. Why not get everything rolled into one?

This is exactly what you can enjoy with WeManage. As the name indicates, the service takes the responsibility of managing all your housekeeping needs efficiently. As a matter of fact, they can customize services according to your requirements, which enables you to come home to a clean and fresh home that’s done in exactly the way you want. You can decide what you want i.e. whether you want your living room, kitchen and other areas of the house cleaned daily, on alternate days or on a weekly basis.

Likewise, you can inform them about any pets you may have as well as any allergies you suffer from so they can take these factors into account before starting the cleaning process. One of the best aspects of using WeManage for your housekeeping needs is that you can have peace of mind. Previously, when you hired a service, you had to constantly worry about your home and possessions because you knew someone was going to enter your home in your absence. However, WeManage has partnered with gluehome.com, which enables you to know exactly when they enter your home and when they leave.

It provides you access to your home via an app and you can use it for unlocking your home without a key. No need to hide a key under the mat as you have 24/7 access to your home and can use Glue as a concierge service for unlocking your home for your personal housekeeping service. If you are not satisfied with a specific housekeeper, you can get them replaced upon request. Moreover, WeManage also has liability insurance so you don’t have to pay if any accidents happen during work.

Furthermore, WeManage doesn’t just provide housekeeping services, but can also be your personal handyman. In fact, they can also assist you when you require tech support for setting up your computer or Wi-Fi network and can also use their services for putting away your groceries. There are different packages available that you can study and choose one according to your cleaning needs and your budget. They notify you if there are any changes in schedule and you can also earn points by recommending the service to friends and neighbors. With WeManage, you know that you are leaving your home in safe and trusted hands.

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