What Does Your Company’s Interior Say About Your Brand

Clean Business Office

The design choices for the interior of your company convey a certain message about your brand. This is a fact that you need to keep in mind. It is essential for both your clients and your employees. When a client enters your offices, the first impression that they get on who you are as a business and how you treat your workspace means everything. If you don’t do it right, you won’t get a second chance to make up for it. It is also very important that your offices are well-designed and maintained in order to inspire loyalty in your employees, and provide them with a workplace that suits their needs.

Entryway and lobby

Your entryway is the first step into creating an impression about your company. It needs to be fresh and inviting, so that whoever comes in feels welcomed by its décor. If your entryway isn’t well-maintained and little effort is put into its design, it will send the wrong message from the start.

The next step is your lobby. You need to think about the color of your furniture, and the message that it conveys. If your chairs and desks are made out of dark wood, they will certainly signal seriousness and professionalism, but if you don’t implement some bright colors as a countereffect, then you might leave an impression of your space being too cold. You could opt for bright colored furniture in order to show off your business as energetic and creative. The lobby is the first area where your clients get the impression on what kind of business you are. Next to furniture and colors, you should choose proper placement for your logo, in order to convey the right message about your brand. All this speaks a lot about how you take care of your business.

Your offices

Your offices are the main location that leaves the most important impression on your clients. When a customer enters your office, they are looking for a well-designed and well-maintained environment – one that looks, feels and smells good. If your floors are unclean, your windows dirty, and your desks full of clutter, you can forget all about them thinking that you truly care about what you are doing. So, in result, why would they think that you are going to care about them?

The state of your offices speaks a lot about your standards, values and credibility. You need to convey the right message, and that is that your company is devoted to quality and efficiency. A clean office speaks of how much effort you put into these things. It is bound to build trust into your company and services.

When it comes to design, you should decide whether you want to go traditional or open plan. The problem with traditional offices is that, while they do represent your business as a serious one, their closed nature may seem unwelcoming to both your clients and employees. An open plan speaks of collaboration, energy and creativity.

Maintaining your offices

The fact about an unkempt office is that it has a negative effect on your workers’ productivity. Carpet cleaning Sydney based professionals say that the best solution for this is to hire a particular professional service that will take care of every necessary detail. You could hire a general office cleaning company, or opt for specific services such as window cleaning or carpet cleaning. The great thing about commercial cleaning services is that they do all the work for you, so that you can focus on your main business activities. You need to keep in mind that your employees’ efficiency depends on their environment. When the offices are clean, and everything is where it should be, they can focus on their tasks at hand and make the best out of them.

Creating a healthy environment and image

By focusing on proper maintenance of your offices, you are promoting employee health and creating a positive image about safety at work. An unclean office is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and results in your workers calling in sick, and further infecting their colleagues. This is why proper hygiene is your number one priority. By cleaning your offices on a regular basis, you reduce the presence of health hazards, and create an image of your office space as one that takes good care of the employees that spend half their waking hours working there.

Your brand’s image is highly dependent on how well your offices are designed and maintained. The décor needs to convey the proper message about your business, and present it both as professional and as energetic and creative. It is also essential that your offices are well-maintained in order to promote employee health and improve their productivity at work, as well as to not leave the wrong impression on your clients.

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