4 Ways to Market a Welding Business in 2017

4 Ways to Market a Welding Business in 2017

Welding businesses face the unique challenge of trying to promote the variety of services they offer to clients who often know nothing about them beyond building the steel frames for skyscrapers. Here are four inexpensive ways to market a welding business in 2017.

Promote What Only You Can Do

Not all welding companies are the same. If your company can weld combinations of metals no one else in your area can do, focus on promoting that particular service to customers who need it. Or, if your company takes great care where safety is concerned, perhaps using products from WeldingOutfitter, make sure to promote this. This is akin to using long tail keywords for search engine optimization. There are relatively few queries, but it is a niche you can easily dominate because the competition is trying to cast as wide a net as possible. When customers use you for the unique services, they’ll learn about your other services and may use you for those tasks, as well.

Be the Best – In the Right Way

There is an old joke that you can have it fast, cheap, or good, pick any two. Try to be the best in the business in one particular area that the customers value. This may mean having the best lead time and shortest turnaround for work, which those in a hurry will value, or you compete on having the highest quality work as demonstrated by meeting various industry certifications no one else in your area does. Sometimes the solution is being able to handle the largest projects. It is difficult as a welding business to compete on lowest price since you’re competing with guys working from the back of their truck or out of their home garage.

Positive Public Relations

Instead of an expensive marketing campaign, get mentions in the newspaper and industry publications for what you’re already doing. If you have been training apprentices, tell the newspaper about it when they graduate. Share the human interest stories like the ex-con who is now earning a good living as a welder with your company. If your company assembled benches for the new park or repaired structural damage to a local historic building, offer to give an interview about this work in the local paper.

Mention safety awards you’ve received because you give your team protective gear from respected sellers. If you recycle a significant amount of scrap metal or have pioneered particular industry practices, tell reporters so they can do a story about it.

Making the Most Out of Social Media

Some of the best viral video marketing methods involve behind the scenes reveals. Create videos explaining different types of welding or how the machines in the welding shop work to capture traffic and build your reputation online. You can make it more fun and generate more buzz if you demonstrate laser welding, spin welding or water jet cutting to young people and record their reactions.

Promote the welding services only your company offers in the immediate area or for a particular industry. Find the way your business excels over others, whether it is being the best or the fastest. Generate positive public mentions by promoting the work you’re already doing or how your team members are contributing to society. Make the most out of social media by creating informational and entertaining videos about welding.

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