7 Things You Need to Know About Flyer Marketing

7 Things You Need to Know About Flyer Marketing

B2B businesses have two main objections when it comes to marketing with traditional printed flyers. The first objection is that print advertising appears to be dying. Many businesses are primarily marketing online with social media, PPC, and SEO. The second objection is that flyer marketing is mostly for consumers, as flyers are typically dropped off at residential doors.

These misconceptions are wrong. In 2017, print flyer marketing still works for both B2B and B2C businesses. This article provides a list of seven things B2B marketers need to know about flyer marketing.

Flyer Companies Will Deliver to Businesses

The typical idea is that flyers are only delivered to houses or on people’s cars. This isn’t the case. Flyer distributors work with B2B companies, and they will often deliver to commercial or industrial areas. That way you can target your message to the people most likely to respond. In fact, many flyer marketing companies specialize in B2B advertising distribution.

Most Flyer Delivery Companies Need a Minimum

Outsourcing flyer distribution to a company is a typical move. These companies often demand a minimum of flyers to be distributed. That minimum is usually higher than you think. For some companies, it goes as high as 5,000 flyers. Some companies do offer lower minimums, such as 1,000-2000. When it comes to flyer distribution, you save on printing and distribution costs when you buy in bulk.

Most Companies Don’t Include the Cost of Printing Flyers

You’ve done research on flyer costs. Maybe you came across a sweet deal for so many flyers delivered. Keep in mind that many of these ads don’t include printing costs, so build that into your budget. Many flyer distributors offer printing as well, and you can save when you combine the two.

You Need a Strong Offer on Your Flyer

People have distributed thousands of flyers and not received a response. In most cases, the problem is their flyer has a weak offer. You only have a few moments to capture someone’s attention. A proven way to do that is to offer something free, or perhaps to enhance a standing free offer with your own free offer. For instance, let’s say you sold PPC consulting. Bing Ads gives new customers a $50 free credit. You could offer to set up their free credit, and run a knowledgeable campaign with that credit.

Flyer Companies Need Time to Print and Distribute

Do you need flyers for your event in three days? You might have to pay extra. Many commercial printing suppliers and delivery agencies will charge rush fees. The way to get the best price is to be flexible about time. However, many online suppliers offer Next Day shipping on B2B promotional products such as printed brochures and flyers, outdoor signage and larger event marketing products like logo printed table covers and affordable retractable banner stands.

Piggyback Distribution Can Save You Money

The two major costs of flyer distributors is fuel and time. They have to drive to the location you specify to deliver flyers. Additionally, when they’re delivering flyers for you, they aren’t delivering flyers for other customers. Piggyback distribution is when the companies deliver your flyer along with someone else’s. This cuts down on their costs, letting them pass the savings onto you. There are some caveats. Make sure your flyer isn’t being distributed with rivals or unpalatable brands. Also, many flyer distributors say that a solo drop gives a better response rate.

You Need a Strong Reputation

What’s one of the biggest fears of order flyer marketing? It’s that the company won’t do the job properly. No wants to see their flyers in a neat little stack in the trash. No one wants to pay for 10,000 drops, but only receive 7,000.

These events are rare. They do happen in the flyer industry though. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with someone insured, licensed, and bonded. Also social proof, such as positive Yelp reviews, is a strong indicator of honesty.

Consider Flyer Marketing for Your B2B Business

Flyers are a good choice for B2B businesses. They can be used to promote your service.  You can also use flyers to promote a one time-event, like your booth at an industry conference or expo. If you need expert trade show solutions for your B2B company, visit IndyDisplays.com for great deals on portable trade show display kits and other B2B expo marketing solutions.

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