8 Tips For Successful Social Influencer Marketing Campaign

8 Tips For Successful Social Influencer Marketing Campaign

Every year, the number of internet users grow by about 7.6%. Social media usage also grows by about 8.7% per year, and the use of social media on mobile devices grows by as much as 23.3% each and every year. According to Marketing Sherpa, more than 50% of these users follow at least one brand they like on social media. In addition to these statistics, it is also important to note that as much as 52% report that the social media presence of a brand has affected their online purchases, as well as the offline purchases they make. Social media networks are growing day after day, and it is important for businesses to take these important statistics into account. Not only do social media play an important part of a digital marketing campaign, but it can also be utilized as part of an influencer marketing campaign to gain better brand engagement and to obtain a considerable increase in sale numbers.

The use of social media as a platform for influencer marketing is becoming very popular. HootSuite explains that influencers on social channels now have almost as much of an effect on the purchasing decisions of consumers as word-of-mouth promotion does. They also explain that using influencers that have gained recognition on social channels may even yield better results than celebrity endorsements, and also cost a lot less. Let us discuss eight of the most effective strategies and tips that you should take into consideration if you are planning to use social media influencers as part of your next marketing plan.

1. Influencer Marketing On Social Channels Doesn’t Have To Blow Your Budget

Unlike a celebrity endorsement, which can cost millions of dollars, utilizing a social media influencer can often lead to lower expenses and give you a better ROI (Return On Investment). Many brands fail to realize that they often do not have to dig deep into their wallets to be successful at utilizing an influencer on social media channels to be successful in this type of marketing strategy – which causes the brand to search for the more expensive ones as they believe they will achieve better results.

2. Using Influencers With A Smaller Reach Is Perfectly Fine

A lot of companies have lost millions to celebrity endorsements. This is money that they can never get back. Still, many companies choose to go after the “big boys” on social media when they try to promote their brand, failing to realize that the smaller ones may actually give them better results. Micro-influencer marketing is quickly gaining grounds as these influencers have concentrated lists of fans that are specifically interested in particular products or services; thus ensuring a better-targeted audience for your brand.

3. Consider How Relevant The Social Influencer Is To Your Own Brand

Considering the connection between your brand and the potential social media influencer you want to utilize in your campaign is vital. You need to ensure that the content they provide to their fans, which includes information, videos, audio files, and images, have some sort of connection to whatever it is your brand does. As an example, you may want to utilize a weight loss expert or a fitness coach if your brand produces a healthy sports drink or a high-protein and fiber-rich pre-workout snack.

4. A Better Price May Be Possible In Most Cases

A lot of influencers can charge ridiculous amounts when a brand wants to hire them to produce some content related to the brand’s products or services on their social walls. As the influencer notices that their value increases, they most often also increase their price accordingly. If you are utilizing a new influencer for the first time, then you should demand a better price. Try to negotiate with the influencer a little. You may even offer them repeated business if they can provide you a better price and you can see real results from your campaigns. Since they will be representing your brand for the first time, they are more likely to say “yes” to a lower, more affordable price – especially if they know they can gain a new repeat customer.

5. Allow The Influencer To Create Or Modify Your Content

Every person has a unique way of telling a story. The way you tell a story, write an article, shoot a video or record audio will most likely defer from the way the influencer you are using will do these things. This will make it much more obvious that the content posted is sponsored and not “native” to their social walls – you want the opposite of this. Instead, ask the social media influencer if they could take a look at the content you want to post and add some of their own creativity. You can even ask them to create the content for you in their own style (which may cost you more, but it may be well worth it).

6. Track Multiple Campaigns, Then Choose The Right One

If you are new to hiring social influencers to promote your content, then you may want to start by utilizing multiple influencers for the first few months just to get an idea of which ones are more effective. To make an effective decision, you will have to track all of these campaigns; thus setting up a decent tracking system that allows you to implement tracking ids and custom values in an URL is essential. This will help you decide on a single influencer that can offer you more value.

7. Link Back To Your Brand

Brand Watch reports that as much as 96% of brand mentions are done by individuals who are not actually following the brand, but only talking about their products or services on social media channels or even on a blog. If your brand is still quite new, then brand mentions that do not include a link can be worthless. Be sure to ask the influencers you are using to always link back to your social pages, website or blog, so anyone who sees your brand mention will know where to find you.

8. Avoid Promotional Content

It may be tempting to ask the influencer to tell their customers to go out and buy a product or service that you offer, but you should note that this is often the wrong way to do it. You want the fans and followers of the influencer to start to recognize your brand as something the influencer uses; thus you should rather get the influencer you hire to create a natural flow of content that drip-feeds information about your brand. This will eventually lead to more engagement from their followers.


Building a brand on social media has become easier than ever before, with millions of new profiles being created every day and billions of users logging into their social accounts to catch up on the latest posts in their timeline. The eight essential strategies we’ve shared in this post will help you improve the reach and engagement, as well as the general results you obtain from using an influencer on social media in your marketing campaigns.

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