The Advantages of Moving to Cloud Computing

The Advantages of Moving to Cloud Computing

In simple terms, computing based on the internet is defined as cloud computing. In the past, people could run programs or applications by downloading software on a physical server or computer in the building, but things have changed since then. Cloud computing allows people to use the same kind of applications and do this through the internet. We are using cloud computing when we check our bank balance on the phone or updating our Facebook status. Businesses also use cloud computing for solving a number of challenges such as sending emails while on the move or using a bunch of apps for workload management.

Essentially, cloud is on its way of becoming the new normal and there are a number of cloud computing services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services that a business can use if it wishes to make the switch. There are a number of benefits that your business can enjoy with this move and some prominent ones include:

  • Flexibility: Businesses with fluctuating or growing bandwidth demands will find cloud computing immensely useful as it is easy to scale up or down the cloud’s capacity. This level of agility can provide businesses a major advantage over their rivals as they can make changes quickly.
  • Automatic Software Updates: The best part of cloud computing is that the servers are out of your hair. The service you hire is responsible for their maintenance and will roll out regular updates for security and other aspects, when necessary. This frees up your time and you can focus more on your business.
  • Disaster Recovery: This is essential for every business, but small businesses find it difficult because they don’t have that kind of capital. With cloud, they don’t need to spend huge amounts of money as they can now take advantage of the cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions, which are quite feasible.
  • Free of Capital Expenditure: The high cost of hardware is cut out with cloud computing as you can use a subscription-based model and just pay as you go. The setup and management process is also simple and easy.
  • Work from Anywhere: Cloud computing enables you to work from absolutely anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. There is no restriction of device as you can use your smartphone, tablet or any other device that supports mobile apps.

Other than these notable benefits, a business will also see improvement in security, document control, collaboration and competitiveness. But, in order to move to cloud computing, they need to opt for a service. In addition, there is a bit of a learning curve involved. Hence, if you go with VMWare, you will have to undergo VMWare training in order to ensure it is smoothly implemented and understood. There are lots of websites offering you courses on numerous cloud computing services such as and they will allow you to become professionals. With the proper guidance and training, you will be able to use your cloud computing service to the fullest.

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