Benefit of using Craigslist Ad Posting Service

benefit of using Craigslist ad posting service
Craigslist is one of the easiest ways to attract local or global customers. But how to post and get live on craigslist is a tricky part. Most people try posting themselves after some time they face issue with their posting and found hard to stick live ads on craigslist.

Believe it or not craigslist is a most used classifieds site in USA. If you doing business in USA. They you must try craigslist to boost your business sale.

Here is some Benefit in using Craigslist posting service.

Post Massive amount of ads:

With the help of Craigslist posting service you can able to post massive amount of ads in craigslist and control your competitors by dominating them on craigslist. Usually experienced craigslist posting team knows how to tackle such situation while posting more ads. If you posting more then you must need more PVA (phone verified account) for more PVA you need more US Phone numbers to create PVA’s. And second IP and content as well an experience craigslist poster can bypass all above and get your ads on craigslist.

Issues when posting huge amount of ads:

Here we going to discuss about Flagging and Ghosting issue if you posting huge amount of ads you will definitely face instant flagging issue to avoid flagging one must use unique content and good PVA which is create with good phone numbers and yes with Good ip’s too. Even you had everything you may face issue with CL updates frequently to avoid such difficult use good Craigslist posting provider.


An Experience craigslist poster use different IP Solution for each city and each type of posting they use appropriate PVA and restrict the posting count with each PVA to avoid flagging. An experience poster can reduce your stress on posting you can just take care of business.

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