Eco-Friendly Business for Green-Minded Entrepreneurs

Eco-Friendly Business for Green-Minded Entrepreneurs

While a lot of people believe that, in order to save our planet, we need to pass some major resolutions, arrange laws and conduct a worldwide green revolution, the truth is not so grandiose. The only path towards saving our planet lies in the idea that everyone should do their part. With this in mind, new entrepreneurs might want to consider putting the planet first and profit second (or at least place them side by side) with these few simple trends.

1.      Greener commute

The first thing that a business owner can do in order to make our planet a cleaner place is start encouraging their staff to find a greener commute option. On its own, this will reduce your company’s carbon footprint, save resources and it is also great for the household budget of your employees.

Moving your company downtown will allow your staff members to cycle, travel to work by foot or even use public transportation. If not, you can always try to carpool to work with your colleagues who live nearby. There are also many different ways in which you can endorse such an eco-friendly behavior, like trying to educate your employees through a presentation or by inspiring them with your own example. As great Gandhi once said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

2.      Hiring remote workers

While we are still on this topic, all over the world the trend of telecommuting is getting ever more popular and hiring remote workers allows you to take one step further in this direction. Aside from saving money on travel-related expenses, you also won’t need as big of an office, which means that you will also have to spend less on utilities. Aside from saving you money, this is also great because it means that your business will spend less energy on things like heating, office appliances and light. Not to mention that your water usage will also be significantly reduced.

3.      Be mindful of the Earth

Another thing you need to focus on when trying to make your business greener is the issue of geotechnical engineering. This particular trend can be applied in many different fields such as telecommunications, mining, sport and recreation, transport as well as property and construction. By properly researching the soil you are building on, you’ll get an accurate assessment and management of contaminated land as well as some of the most advanced remediation services. Furthermore, regardless of your industry, you will need some environmental management plans, perhaps even environmental auditing services. Needless to say, geotechnical engineering helps you become more mindful of our planet.

4.      Office resources management

There is an interesting statistic claiming that an average office worker prints out over 10.000 pages each year. This alone may be enough to cause a micro-environmental disaster, which is why it deserves your full and undivided attention. For starters, you could switch to recycled paper. With the 21st-century recycling technology, one can barely even tell a difference. Additionally, you could make it a company policy to keep all non-vital documents in digital form.

Aside from paper, you might also want to think about finding a way to reduce the pollution caused by discarded toner cartridges. One of the ways to do so is by buying large quantities of toner and refilling used cartridges instead of just inserting new ones.

5.      Conclusion

The best part of the above-mentioned four is that aside from saving the planet, they also tend to save quite a bit of money. They are all budget-friendly methods that will help you reduce monthly (or long-term) expenses of your company. On top of it all, these four techniques help you save the planet and make you look good in the eyes of your clients. When combined, these eco-friendly trends create a business mix that is nearly impossible to top.

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