How to Carry Off Custom Diamond Watches and More with Élan

How to Carry Off Custom Diamond Watches and More with Élan

Most people are kind of clueless when asked to decide what kind of watches they should wear with a certain kind of outfit or at a particular occasion. One appreciates that this would have been a redundant question in an age where most people had only one watch; however, when typically one has a number of differently styled watches, the question assumes importance.

Enhance Your Presence

The golden rule to follow in the matter of choosing a watch is that it should match your ensemble as much as possible. When you have a smaller choice of watches, you need to compromise but make sure you do not radically depart from your apparel style.If in doubt, go with an understated look instead of overdoing it. Since wearing watches is today less for telling the time and more for showcasing your style and personality, you need to make sure that they complement your presence and attitude; just as in the case of other accessories like shoes and belts.

How Interested Are You In Watches Anyway?

The first step in getting your watch style up to speed is figuring out your interest level in wrist watches. If you are really concerned about wearing something that looks really great in the office and on other specific occasions like formal parties, casual get-togethers, sporting event, etc. then buy an expensive formal watch. Since it is no longer expected that you will wear a watch on every occasion, you can limit the number of watches you need by deciding the type of occasions.

Acquiring a Versatile Assortment of Watches

If you wear watches regularly and on different occasions, then it is obvious that you need to build up a nice collection of differently styled watches to suit your attire. Normally, this would include a simple but elegant dress watch ina silver case. The dial should be in any sober color; white, cream, and even black is great. If your budget permits, buy another dress watch with a gold casing, maybe even from a range of custom diamond watches, if you are so inclined. Also, include a casual watch with a dial in a basic color and make sure it is robust, water resistant and has a metal bracelet if you are involved in active sports. Consider a canvas strap to make your watch more versatile.

Sports watches are available with a lot many bells and whistles. Hence, you can make a really great choice as per your budget. Consider buying a personal timepiece to enable you to showcase your individuality. This will be something you’ll have fallen in love with instinctively and want to wear everywhere possible. If you’re someone who believes that tradition never goes out of fashion, get yourself a really old-fashioned pocket watch and chain that will never fail to draw admiring glances.


A watch is never really just a watch but an extension of your personality just like your phone. Match yours to the occasion just like your attire and you really can’t go wrong.

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