Investors See Dollar Signs Looking at Addiction

Investors See Dollar Signs Looking at Addiction

With more and more people seeking treatment for addiction, investors are seeing dollar signs. Here at the Prescott House Addiction Treatment Program we see more opportunities to get people on the right track than ever before, not money.

The Opioid Addiction Crisis Is Boosting Demand

Wall Street and big businesses are investing in treatment programs right and left. Why? Supply and demand.

So, what’s wrong with investing in treatment? Nothing.

Unfortunately, the concern is that these companies are buying up existing programs and there’s a lot of opportunities to prioritize profit over people.

They are buying up programs and then streamlining processes and costs of care to make more of a profit. The fact that insurance companies are developing policies for addiction rehab centers has made the industry even more profitable.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t find treatment programs you can trust, but it’s more important than ever to ask lots of questions when you’re choosing a program.

Opioid Treatment Programs Mean Big Bucks

The types of programs that are being invested in are predominantly opioid treatment programs. You may know them as methadone clinics.

It’s a big opportunity for companies to make money. Acadia, which is a big pharmaceutical company, bought 110 of these clinics from private equity firm Bain Capital just a few years ago for $1.18 billion.

That’s big money!

Whether or not you are a fan of methadone clinics or are in support of that type of addiction treatment, it is pause for concern.

What Companies Aren’t Investing In

The money is in the methadone, and not in the other aspects of treatment that are so important for recovery.

Private investment is not always there for job placement and counseling. Recovering from addiction is a process with many facets.

Nearly 100 people die a day from opiate abuse and if it was easy to quit, this wouldn’t be the case.

It’s so important for people who are addicted to opiates so have support that reaches further than medication. Faith, family, and counseling are all integral parts of the recovery process.

What Makes Prescott House Addiction Treatment Program Different

Here at Prescott House, we truly care about the people we’re treating. We’ve been in this business since 1988 and we didn’t get into it to chase money around.

Having people along on the journey who are supportive is incredibly important no matter what someone is addicted to. It doesn’t matter if it’s pills, alcohol, or sex.

We’re an Arizona State-Licensed Residential Treatment Center that believes in the 12-step system and doesn’t like to give up on anyone.

The road to a sober life can be a long one, but it’s one that is worthwhile. The mind, the body, and the spirit must all be a part of the recovery process.

We do what we do because we want to help people overcome their addictions. We have a team of professionals ready to greet a person you know who needs help with open arms.

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