R4 3ds Gold, R4 3ds Rts Or Ace3ds Plus, Which To Choose For 2DS V11.4.0?

R4 3ds Gold, R4 3ds Rts Or Ace3ds Plus, Which To Choose For 2DS V11.4.0?

If you have a nintendo 2ds console and it is with v11.4.0-37e, recommend you buy a cheap R4 2ds card to play free ds games in Spain. What is r4 2ds card? Which is the best one to buy and which site to buy in Spain, the 3 questiones are be answered here.

What is R4 2DS card for Nintendo 2DS?

R4 2ds flash card means the R4 card which can be used on Nintendo 2ds console to play thousands of free ds games. The R4 2ds card hacks the 2ds firmmware to let users got more control on this machine. When use the 2ds R4 flash card, you can do the following things. And do not worry, R4 card for 2ds console is 100% safe and simple to use, no ban, no brick!

The R4 3DS Brings Apps, Games, And More!

With apps for Facebook, Twitter, Web Browsing, and more, you will never run out of things to do with your R4 3DS.  Everything from remakes of old classic games for old computer and video game systems, to being able to play some of your favorite consoles games of yesterday with emulators for the most popular game systems.

You’ll be able to play NES games, SNES, TG16 games, NeoGeo games, Gameboy and Gameboy color games as well as run thousands and thousands of classic computer games for systems like the ZX Spectrum, the C64, BBC Mirco and others.  Imagine being able to take all of those old systems with you, all on your Nintendo hand held and having them all in one place – ready to play whenever you feel like it.

Use inexpensive micro SD and micro SDHC cards to both store and load your games and applications and enjoy them all on your 3DS system.  Our cards are always up to date, and we work hard to have any future firmware updates and upgrades ready to use… Often within days of a system update to your handheld.

Which is the best R4 2ds card to buy for 2ds v11.4.0-47?

The top selling R4 2ds cards are R4i sdhc 3ds, R4i gold 3ds and Ace3ds plus, how to choose from them, let me show you their differences.

R4i sdhc 3ds-R4 card with the best functions for 2DS console

R4I SDHC 3DS RTS is a brand new product released by R4i-sdhc team. It is a featured r4 card which support run numerous ds games on 3ds/3ds xl/2ds console.This R4I SDHC 3DS RTS card can support 3DS v9. and DSI v1.4.5 directly. Compared to R4I gold 3ds card, the R4i-sdhc RTS card has more striking functions, such as full feature real time save(4 save datas for RTS), multi-language supported

R4i gold 3ds-the R4 2ds card with wood kernel

R4I GOLD 3DS,originally from the wood R4 team and always support all the downloaded NDS games. This card also known as R4i gold, R4i gold 3ds wood, has amazing advantages, such as good game compatibility, wood firmware supporting and simple UI.

Ace3ds plus-the cheapest 2DS R4 card

Ace3DS Plus is the superior version of the flashcard of Ace3DS team. Ace3DS Plus support for Nintendo ds,Nintendo dsi/xl ,nintendo 3ds.It uses the Custom Wood Special firmware which fully compliant with all nintendo ds&dsi&xl&3ds, including 3DS V11.4.0 and DSi V1.4.5.It Support all the DS games but it can’t be updated.

Is there a Spanish store to buy R4 2ds card with good price and quality?

Yes, that is Comprar3dsr4.com. This is the R4 card store for Spanish to buy the R4 2ds flash card. Though they are currently only selling the R4i sdhc 3ds rts card, they also have the N2 Elite and Sky3ds+ in stock. I recommend you this site, because it is the R4 card site supports safe payment, free shipping and refund service in Spain.

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