How To Recover Deleted Data Safely With Recovery Software

How To Recover Deleted Data Safely With Recovery Software

So, what if one fine morning you wake up, open your computer and discover that all your data has been wiped off? While you cannot help yourself with the virus attack at that moment and scream louder, certain tools that are designed as a solution to this type of problems can easily help you out- the recovery software!

How To Recover Deleted Data Safely With Recovery Software

With more and more number of unwanted programs that are getting installed in your computer every single day; well, thanks to the internet and your curious search operations, resulting in clicking some spam links! This makes your PC more vulnerable to a virus attack even creating in a total loss of data.

What Is The Next Step?

So, if you discover such instances, keep in mind not to connect any external hard disk, USB to your computer. Every techie items that are available today are so user friendly, that even an amateur hand can do it successfully. But when it comes to recovering process, it often needs a professional help- either a human who is an expert in this field or you can do it on your own with data recovery software free.

External use of any device, or experimenting with your computer if you don’t know any bit of recovery, may result in entry of new data thus erasing your old existing ones. This finally results in deletion of the data and thereby the recovery process cannot be optimized. And even if attempt for recovery is done, chances are very less for it being effective.

Data Recovery Software

With the advent of the internet, a number of free data recovery software is available which can be downloaded and used. In case of a corrupt hard disk or in situation, when you’ve formatted, data recovery cannot be done by navigating through the recycle bin. In such situations, the software can help in solving the problem. However, with multiple available options, choosing the most user friendly, easy and the convenient one is also the utmost necessity.

Hence, the data recovery software must be loaded with features, which can at once carry out the following functions.

  1. Could recover the hard drives that have been formatted.
  2. Can effectively work on corrupt or missing file structures.
  3. Can restore accidentally deleted file.
  4. Can recover those files which got deleted without any specific reasons.
  5. In case of unexpected system shutdown or during any application failure.
  6. Can effectively detect and treat corruption, virus or worms.
  7. Help in boot up problems.
  8. Detect problem with partition structure deletion or damage.
  9. In case of damage due to power failure.
  10. Work on various type of file system corruption.

How To Recover?

While the special features have been already mentioned, the software needs to be selected based on this. Of all the available software, EaseUs Data recovery Wizard is one such software that works on all the areas thereby extracting files very easily and conveniently. Let us take a look on how to carry out the recovery process by using this software.

  1. First select the location from where you have lost the data and click on ‘Scan’.
  2. A quick scan will be initiated at first followed by a deep scan which will be automatically done to recover more files and folders.
  3. When the list of files is displayed, select the one you want to restore and click on ‘Recover’.
  4. Note that, click on a separate location for saving the recovered file to avoid the chance of overwrite.

Isn’t it that simple? Well, it has been programmed in such a way so that anybody can use it very effectively and within a short span of time.

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