How to Style Shorts This Summer at the Office

How to Style Shorts This Summer at the Office

Summer is such a relaxing time. However, the sunshine and warm weather doesn’t just happen during your short summer holiday. You probably will have to sweat at the office for a few weeks before you get to swap to your swimsuit and run to the beach. So, how can you stay comfortable at the office?

Here are tips on how to style shorts this summer and remain office fit despite the heat.

Finding the right shorts

First, it’s important to know you can’t just put on your denim shorts and walk to the office. Not all shorts are office-worthy but luckily, the selection of suitable candidates is increasing all the time.

Chino shorts are a great pick for the summer. They have a smart-casual feel to them and they are super easy to either dress up or dress down. You want to opt for something mid-length, ending near the knee. You don’t want them any longer and you definitely don’t want anything shorter for the office.

For the colours, pick navy and white as a timeless office option. If you don’t mind being a bit more playful, then a soft pink is also a great pick for the summer. Mustard yellow is another trendy alternative and it can look good at the office when paired with the right top.

Aside from chinos, you can also opt for tailored shorts. These are a must-have for a more serious office environment. You can find great tailored shorts from Dolce &Gabbana and REISS. If you want something a bit more affordable, then consider checking out the selection of tailored shorts at River Island and Topman.

Navy and white are the colours to go with tailored shorts as well. But you can also just pick a classic black finish or even be a bit playful with pinstripe or mocha.

Pairing your chino shorts

When it comes to finding the right clothes to go with your chinos, you don’t have to look far. The perfect answer is a Breton shirt – it’s classic and it adds tons of elegance to your office look. Breton shirts are a big hit at the moment and you can find them from all sorts of retailers – H&M is a great and affordable place to shop them.

You should then find a navy blazer to go with the shirt. You can either opt for a dark navy blazer or go with something a little lighter if you are looking for a more casual outfit.

You can finish off the look with some loafers. Now, loafers are a bit more relaxed look so depending on your office environment, you might also want to consider going with brogues. Check out Office for great offers on shoes.

Pairing your tailored shorts

Chino shorts are a great smart-casual look but you might need to go with something a bit more upscale. For these moments, tailored shorts are a great option. They aren’t even hard to style, as you can opt a ton of fun options.

You can pull of a tailored short look by just adding a casual t-shirt and a flashy blazer to your look. A lightweight t-shirt with no crazy prints – think in terms of classic white, stripes and breast pocket – and a cotton blazer are a great combination. You should consider a dark grey or light blue blazer with your navy tailored shorts. If you are wearing lighter coloured shorts, you can go with a white or a beige blazer. You can match the tailored shorts with the blazer but this isn’t necessary. You can find classic blazers from Woodhouse Clothing. Don’t forget to use Woodhouse clothing Vouchers at Voucherbin to keep your shopping costs reasonable.

If you can be playful with your shoes, go with leather trainers. A pair of white leather trainers is surprisingly elegant and it will add a bit of fun to your sleek look. You can also just go with classic leather Oxford shoes if you want to be more conservative with your look.

Cool accessories to finish off the look

You can add a bit more flair to your shorts look by opting for some accessories. You might want to pair your shorts with a leather belt, either in classic dark brown or a sleek black.

For the sunny days, you’ll also need a pair of sunglasses. The classic Top Gun look is still highly popular and you can find great sunglasses online to give your office look an added touch of playfulness. Keep your sunglasses timeless this year and forget about coloured lenses.

So, when the hot weather is knocking on the door, don’t despair. With these styling tips, you can make your entrepreneur life just a bit easier and keep your cool at the hot office.

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