The Best Places for Watching Solar Eclipse 2017 in America

The Best Places for Watching Solar Eclipse 2017 in America

Watching a solar eclipse is a lifetime experience, and only a few lucky people have the opportunity to experience this. Coming August 21st of 2017 is a great day for people of America, as they shall get the opportunity to watch full solar eclipse. As the day is coming ahead, people have started being curious about it. The most frequently asked question is what should be the best place to observe solar eclipse 21st-Aug-2017? Well, several places are there from where one can observe solar eclipse. In the following section, we shall find a list of those places.

One of the major conditions of watching solar eclipse is clear weather condition. Overcast situation is not the perfect thing for watching solar eclipse properly. So, the place for watching solar eclipse should be chose according to the weather forecast. Select your place for watching solar eclipse from the following section and do not forget to check weather conditions of those places carefully before deciding on going to those places.

  1. Madras, Oregon

Total duration of solar eclipse at this place will be around 2 minutes and 4 seconds. Eclipse will begin at 10:19 AM PDT. Though Madras, Oregon has been considered as the place for observing solar eclipse, you need to keep a few factors in consideration. Clouds from the Oregon coast can cause disruptions. There is no major report about poor weather conditions at this place till now, though weather at coastal areas change quite rapidly. The place Madras is easily accessible from Portland. It will take only a couple of hours to reach the place from Madras.

  1. Snake River Valley, Idaho

Solar eclipse will be visible from this area sharply at 11:33 AM MDT, and duration of eclipse has been estimated as 2 minutes and 18 seconds. The place consists of farmland and lava fields. Weather condition at this place is also expected to be normal, as the place is not near to the coastal area. Massive or rapid change in weather condition is not anticipated at this place. Hence, this place qualifies as one of the safest places for watching solar eclipse.

  1. Casper, Wyoming

Solar eclipse shall be visible for a long duration from Casper, Wyoming. The duration will be 2 minutes and 26 seconds, while the eclipse will start at 11:42 AM MDT.  From the weather perspective, this place is also the safest choice for the solar eclipse enthusiasts. Being located far from coastal areas, there is no concern of rapid weather change.

  1. Sandhills of Western Nebraska

Being a high altitude area, Sandhills of Western Nebraska could possibly be the prime location for observing solar eclipse. Weather condition is the only area of concern though. However, if you check weather history of the area, you shall note that weather conditions remain clear at this place in the month of August. Hence, one has 70% chance to spot solar eclipse clearly from this place. Duration of eclipse would be 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Eclipse shall start here right from 11:49 AM MDT.

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