Here are Some Useful Tips to Learn Logo Design

Here are Some Useful Tips to Learn Logo Design

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This is an era of internet. If you are a new user or a seasoned pal, there is always a chance for you to learn more about logo design. In this post I have tried to compile all information regarding the elements of logo design. I hope it will be beneficial for you guys.

Learn the Basics of Logo Design:

This is the first step of designing any logo that stick to its basics. Understanding the purpose of logo design and its significant is very essential. The key point here is to remember that you don’t need to compromise on ordinary pictures for your logos. See this article too for further assistance 4 Mistakes You Should Not Make While Working With Images

The Fundamental Guidance for logo design:

If you are looking to make your logos great then it needs a combination of some complex design skills and creative approach. You can’t be perfect at once but surely with practice you can be masters of all type of designs.

The Process of Logo Design:

Here I am attaching one video so it will explain better the process. This video will be handy information for you guys.

Will Paterson Process of Logo:

In above mentioned video Will Paterson explains the process of logo as if he is telling to his friend. It is very easy to understand and clarify all your queries which you have in your mind. After reading lots of blogs on logo designing process this will play a key role.

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge on Vimeo

You need to first sketch down your idea then brings it to illustrator. You test your concept and tune it perfectly according to your requirements. The link which I attached it will explain well in detail.

How to design a logo in illustrator:

This is the most important part of logo designing to make it on software called Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial which I have attached will help you in explaining the designing of a logo in illustrator in some easy steps.

Logo Design Skills to be developed:

After understanding the basics of logo designing the next step is to develop the skills. Making a logo is a combination of art and science. It includes the color scheme, shapes, typography and the psychology of logo. Typography is the main thing which one should understand.

Knowledge about Fonts and Typography of Logo Maker:

If you don’t have a good knowledge of fonts and sizes, then you will not be able to make a good logo for your company.

This comprehensive post will help you to have better hands on terms and rules of typography.

Spacing and Kerning between your logos:

This is the critical thing, to adjust the right space between the fonts, characters of your logos. It is the most debatable thing too by critics. No matter how big or small your brand is.

Psychology and color schemes of your logo:

If you aim to design an effective logo. You need to focus on the color schemes which will appropriate with your brand. And color schemes which will not?

Martin Christie article on color scheme:

So here is Martin article who explains well about this

Prepare your logo for receptive design system:

This logo world is never ending. Today’s logo needs to compete and collaborate with clever tools of different fonts, sizes and resolutions.

Jon Tarr Explanation :

Jon Tarr explains well why the simple and versatile logos are no more part of modern logo world. These simple logos were crucial and vital in 2010’s era.

 Client’s priorities and controlling social media:

When you are designing any log. You need to focus on the priorities of your client. You need to make a logo which will be loved by your client . Here another key factor to keep in mind is to control the social media not to hate your logo or say bad to it.

Make a good research prior to design a logo:

Great logos need a big time research. Before putting them in pen or paper or open an illustrator to design. Ian Paget tells us the ground realities and steps to follow in his article.

Queries, inquiries to ask about the brand name:

It is the key factor to know the correct product.  To have sufficient information of the brand you are working on. It really no matters that how much talent you got?. What are your skills and expertise in your field. In this logo design service, you need to constantly learn new process. You are required to have in your practice while you are designing a logo.

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