4 Key Components to Expanding Your Digital Influence

4 Key Components to Expanding Your Digital Influence

In the business of social media, it is always those who use the latest ways of penetrating the key social media sites that are the winners of fans and a market for what they do or want to do. Facebook and Twitter still rank as being the highest social media sources in the World. We are not all computer geniuses nor do we possess the Internet Technology (IT) or experience to be able to optimize our Facebook posts or Tweets using technology rather than money to buy fans. For this reason, it is a slower process that needs to be done diligently and daily.

Most “IT” specialists will tell you that there are 4 or more key components to advancing your profile and exposure online. They are: Blogging, Branding, Following Trends and Linking up with other influencers on the web.

Blogging breeds credibility and awareness for your potential market to recognize you as an authority on a subject or brand. It tells your readership that you are in the know and that you can be trusted. The more subject matter you write about, the more people may potentially click on your posts due to the SEO configuration you use and how you are rated on Google. Sometimes your blogs end up being re-posted on different sites and followers will find you this way too. The more content driven your site is usually brings more people following you.

Branding is all about knowing who your audience is, their tastes, age and why they would prefer your brand or what you are trying to sell. Branding is also creating an image or online profile that differentiates you from others who may be doing the same thing or something similar to what you are doing. Packaging is key in the look you create and how you want to be noticed online. The most successful people and companies are all paying huge attention to defining their product online so that they can be found amidst all of the saturation.

Following trends or a “trend” is all about what is happening or holding someone’s attention at this moment .. ie when someone wants to know the latest news, they don’t turn on the TV but rather look at what is “trending” on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Keeping up with how you use the social Medias is key. Sometimes by being involved in a “forum” or conversation, you can gain a new following by them recognizing you as an authority. Tweeting to large trending audiences is also an effective way of being seen or heard.

Influencers on the Web are people who have large followings on their social medias and are well read by many. These “influencers” can also help you become noticed if they cite your website or say something about you to their following. There are ways to attract these influencers and that is by reaching out to them and letting them know through LinkedIn, twitter or any another means what you do ..

Having the means to influence a readership is the key to branding, selling or becoming an important entity using digital influence.

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