6 Great Ideas to Skyrocket Your Conversions with Pinterest

6 Great Ideas to Skyrocket Your Conversions with Pinterest

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest connects people who share common interests, rather than relationships. Although other social media platforms are more popular among brands and marketers, the truth is that Pinterest can be an incredibly useful way to increase your conversions. Yes, this website where people pin everything they like or find useful can be of extreme use and this article will show you how to get more conversions easily.

1. Create a business account, not personal profile

Pinterest allows you to create personal or business account, but you should opt for latter. The reason is simple, business account features built-in analytics that provides a detailed insight into how well pins posted directly from your website are performing on this platform. You’ll see information including a number of pins, pinners, repins and repinners, overall reach, clicks, impressions, and visits.

Make sure you link Facebook and Twitter profiles to your Pinterest and use a brand’s logo as a profile picture. If you already have a personal profile, Pinterest lets you switch which is more practical than setting up a brand new account.

2. Follow big brands and other people

This social media website allows users to connect with those who share same interests, but just because you have a business profile it doesn’t mean you should just wait until someone stumbles upon your account. Follow big brands in your niche, check the list of their followers and start following them, as well.

Following big brands can give you a few ideas regarding engagement and brand promotion. Additionally, adding their followers can give you a solid base for start. That way, you can also find influencers that you can collaborate with and implement micro-influencer marketing strategies across different platforms. Being proactive is important, don’t wait until someone follows you, make the first move to establish a strong Pinterest presence. The more people you follow, the chances are higher they will follow back, which is necessary for conversions of course.

3. Pin consistently

Buffer, a social media scheduling service, experienced 150% higher engagement rate by increasing the number of daily pins between 1-2 to 10 times on a daily basis. The secret to a Pinterest success is simple, you have to pin consistently. Why is it important to pin often? The reason is simple, more pins equal more brand exposure and higher engagement rate.

Of course, you don’t have to post 10 pins on a daily basis if you don’t want that, but you can ensure consistency by posting regularly. Don’t pin something today and then pin something else 10 days later.

4. Create more boards

In order to skyrocket conversions on Pinterest, it is practical to create a plethora of boards. These boards can be topically different but cover the similar theme. This is yet another way to build much-appreciated consistency. Creating more boards gives a variety of content to your account so that followers don’t consider it boring. Also, you can create boards about lifestyle in general, motivation, and other popular topics. Invite one or more social media influencers to pin in one of your boards to generate more leads.

Another useful thing to do is to send a request to post on boards that already have a lot of followers. In some cases, you’ll have to send an email to the owner of a board, but it’s worth it. The visibility of your profile will increase significantly, and you’ll get more followers.

5. Use rich pins

Pinterest has the “Rich Pins” feature which allows you to make your pins more practical to people who see them. For example, rich pins can include information such as the price or where to find some item. This useful feature enables your brand to provide general info in a more efficient and creative manner. For instance, potential customers can learn more and get all the answers without having to, actually, ask you. You can post four different types of rich pins such as places, recipes, articles, and movies.

6. SEO

When pinning images, pay attention to SEO keywords. Pinterest allows you to caption your pins and you should take advantage of this opportunity to use current SEO keywords in order to reach more people. You can do the same thing when repining an image, edit the caption not only to enter keywords you’d like but to adapt the description to appeal to your clients or customers.


When it comes to generating leads and increasing conversions, we usually focus on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, Pinterest is a great tool that belongs to your digital marketing strategy as well. This website connects people based on common interests, allows you to share pins and promote your brand in an entirely visual manner.

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