AppInstitute App Maker Reviewed

AppInstitute App Maker Reviewed

Appinstitute is an app builder that allows the users to make an application for themselves. The applications can be related to any industry in business right from restaurants to medical centers and radio. It is also the largest app maker from UK and already doing pretty well since the last five years ovaer here too; winner of several awards, Appinstitute believes in delivering everything that is outstanding to its customers. The platform offers small businesses and individuals a cloud based service combined with sheer flexibility. There are several advantages that come with it like ease of using it, complete control of branding the app and an excellent customer support. Most often their features are hiding and needs a little patience and search before they can be used. There is actually much more to Appinstitute than what meets the eye, let’s take a closer look.

Features of Appinstitute

  1. Location Based Services: Appinstitute offers to its customers the feature of location and the feature of directions. The location feature is very similar to those in the other apps where the user creates a list of locations which are displayed in a map view.
  2. Ad Support: The platform features the ad support from AdMob and the users can choose to include the ads with most of the features.
  3. RSS Feed Options: The standard RSS features are available in Appinstitute that allow the users to connect news, blogs and much more.
  4. Loyalty Features: This also stands as a major advantage of Appinstitute and is available on all the different tiers of pricing. It offers several coupons, and stamp cards and allows a provision to collect those loyalty points as well. It is also a great thing since it is available on all the different plans.
  5. Social Media Integration: While it lacks the integration option for social media, there are some basic features that link Facebook and Twitter to the app of the user. There is also a chat module that is made available but it can be used only between the user and the admin. There is no option for the one between the users.

The Pros

  • Appinstitute is very easy to use, thanks to its drag and drop builder that allows an easy editing and manipulating of the app. It is easy to add or delete various functions and sections in the app and it can also be easily previewed while building it.
  • It provides the complete control of branding of the app to the users.
  • The customer support of Appinstitute is excellent since it provides several ways of coming in contact with their responsive team. There are also comprehensive video tutorials for the beginners to get an idea of how things work with them.

The Cons

  • The starter plan of the app maker is very limited and does not offer much. It only provides email support in the name of support.
  • When the user cancels the subscription, the app gets automatically unpublished from all the app stores it

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