What the Australian Government is Doing to Promote Energy Efficiency

What the Australian Government is Doing to Promote Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an issue that affects every person, regardless of whether or not they contribute to the discussion. Wasting energy means wasting valuable natural resources, and that is a huge drain on the Australian economy, which affects all its citizens, businesses, and international relations. When building your office building for your new company, does it stand up the BCA Section J report for that building and company type?

When setting up your new cafe, does your power supplier give you the option for solar or wind-powered initiatives? When buying a new dryer for your house, do you look for a good energy rating? These are all questions that can, through their answers, show you exactly what the Australian government is doing to promote energy efficiency. We have put this together in the hopes that it inspires you to reduce your energy wastage in the future.

Big Businesses

If you own a big business in Australia, you would be familiar with the energy efficiency initiatives put in place by the Australian government with regards to developing and implementing better energy efficient practices and codes of conduct within the workforce. These things cover everything from using more energy efficient machinery in large workshops or construction areas, to allowing tax cuts for solar panels to be installed on roofs of office buildings.

The way this works to encourage more energy efficient practices is that these initiates offer to help the business through the transitional period between it’s wasteful ways and it’s newer, more environmentally friendly future.

Small Businesses

Small businesses also benefit from these, as the same solar panel tax breaks can be obtained by small businesses owners looking to make their business more efficient by installing solar panels, or even just by signing up for solar and wind-powered options from their existing power company. This means that the power directed to the cafe will have its source in a wind-farm or a solar-farm instead of in a coal-burning electricity plant, making it more sustainable.

Unfortunately, at this point selecting this option costs more for the small business owner, so hopefully in the future there will be no difference in price, or a positive difference between non-sustainable energy and sustainable energy.


As a citizen, you are also aided by the Australian government in your quest for better efficiencies in your household, as there is a national system in place for rating the energy usage of each and every household appliance. These star-ratings are well known and found virtually everywhere you can find appliance, and offer valuable information such as how much energy the machine uses, and where it places against the competition appliances for energy efficiency.


Finally, house-planning becomes a lot easier with the Australian government offering low or no interest rates on money borrowed and specifically used to purchase solar panels. The finance options for solar panels become much more affordable when the cost stays the same for 10 years of paying it off, and this is done to encourage people to take advantage of the lack of high costs normally associated with solar panel purchase and installation.

The Australian Government is passionate about changing the face of Australia’s energy efficiency proudly on the world stage, and offers the help its citizens, business owners, home-owners and economy-boosters needs.

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