Here are Some Brilliant Tips to Use Emojis for Marketing

Here are Some Brilliant Tips to Use Emojis for Marketing

Emojis have become a common element of every messaging app or service you use nowadays. It doesn’t matter what phone you have or what service you are using; there is going to be an emoji keyboard offering you a plethora of emoticons for expressing your feelings and emotions succinctly. Due to the popularity of emojis, there use is no longer restricted in just private conversations. As a matter of fact, their application can be seen in a number of areas such as the classroom, business etc. Marketing is one aspect where the use of emojis has become quite significant because they can be immensely effective.

However, this is only the case when they are used in an appropriate manner and this is where a business needs to be cautious. As the concept of using emojis for marketing a business is still relatively new, there are things that you need to learn before trying them out. Listed below are some great tips that you can use when you wish to take advantage of emojis for marketing your brand, product or service:

Make your tweets concise

Tweeting is a great way of reaching out to your audience, but the 140 characters limit can often be a problem for a business in getting their message across. This is where emojis come in. They help in making your message concise and offer you some breathing room. Plus, they are also eye-catching and you have plenty options on the emoji keyboard to say what you want to say.

Reach millennials

Millennials and emojis are like peanut butter and jelly. If that’s who you want to target, you cannot just ignore emojis when promoting your product or business. Just remember that you shouldn’t be patronizing and incorporate emojis in press releases, email messages, social network posts, instant messages and even personal messages to clients.

Showcase brand’s personality

People tend to respond more to brands that seem approachable and friendly rather than stuffy. Even if you are not being formal, you may come across like that and an emoji keyboard is your friend in this situation. Inject some fun in your promotions and messaging with emojis and lighten the mood at the same time.

Create contests

One of the best ways to engage your target audience these days is through contests, giveaways and competitions. You can use emojis here by organizing an emoji contest. You could ask people to suggest a unique emoji for their brand or even decode a sentence you have expressed in emoji form. You may get some funky and creative ideas and interest your customers too.

Use emojis on social networks

Promotion on social networks is quite common and they are the best platforms for using emojis to convey messages pertaining to your business. Whether you are posting on Instagram or Facebook, don’t forget to add an emoji to liven things up and make them fun and entertaining.

Give your marketing efforts a new twist by using emojis effectively.

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